Friday, September 14

Still Running!

I am now, safely, 17 weeks pregnant. That makes me 17 weeks with a 17 month old in the house! So fun. I've been using our gym (and their day care facilities) as often as I can. Today was a great run. Yes, I'm still running! (hence the name of the post). I can't believe it. I ran some minutes under 10min/mile pace too! May have only been 2-3 minutes, but it counts! The rest of the run was in the 10:30-10min zone. I think. I used to be pace obsessed. But not so recently. More heartrate and feel obsessed. I'm supposed to keep it under 150 and for the most part if I stay around 4.5-5.2ish on 2 incline I'm at 150. Today I pushed myself on the treadmill and ran most of it at 5.5 and a few minutes at 5.7. Which according to here, is about 9:42ish. yay!

Here's a few pics from recent times:

16 weeks and on our daily wagon ride around the neighborhood.

homeboy can rock a pony!

16 weeks and gussied up for our anniversary last weekend.

I've had a lot of trouble with vericose veins and swelling, and pain. But I'm trying to get more rest in. A few weekends ago it was horrible, I was down to walking on the treadmill and still almost in tears. But after a phone call to a very helpful aunt, who was kind and reassured me I'm not going to die. I realized that maybe going to the gym every morning and then walking my 17 mo old around the zoo for 2 hrs in the afternoon wasn't really giving me the quality rest time I needed. So I've cut that out. If I know I want to go to the zoo, I don't go to the gym. Or, I take boy's naptime and put my feet up (literally).

Hope I can continue running, so far so good with my balance. I remember feeling so off balance after a while with little man.

In other exciting news, I think I've decided to cave (99.9% sure of it) and find out what we're having in a few weeks time!