Wednesday, August 8


So, I've been gone. Guess you can guess why.

Hubby's squinting at the sun, not pissed off.

Soon to be family of four!

How he really feels.

Still "running". Which I feel really good about. I feel much more fit this pregnancy than with William. I still am doing pilates twice a week. But I'm decreasing my weight load and modifying the moves a bit. I'll stop that at the end of September though, just due to size ;)

Hoping not to have gestational diabetes this time. A1C was high, but not too high, so I'll just be tested at 28weeks like everyone else. Guess I'd better keep up the running and start watching my diet!

Hope all is well!


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alison said...

Hooray! Two is so, so much fun. You're going to do great, momma! :)