Tuesday, May 1

My long run on Sunday was not as long as I had planned. Maybe this is what it feels like after my legs have had 25+ week miles the last few weeks? I don't remember the last time that happened. Seriously. But Sunday it was misty-rainy, overcast, 50s, maybe? Should have been a great morning to run. We started out good, then I looked at my garmin thinking we'd gone at least 2 miles, nope not even a mile and a half. I kept thinking we'd been running forever and hadn't really. I did have to get home for hubby to go to work, I wonder if I was just subconsciously scared that I wouldn't make it home in time and allowed myself to call it quits? We stopped after 5ish miles. Boo. Felt like my legs we lead and like I was running through mud or jello. Anyone else experience this with a taper? The last few halfs I've ran (okay the only two) I was pretty unprepared, never did a 12 mile training run, and was just crossing my fingers that adreniline and excitement would get me through the race. I'm telling myself it's just that I'm so prepared that I felt that bad.

Ran yesterday for 4miles at the gym, nice and slow. Wasn't tired at all from Sunday (big suprise) so I had no excuse not to go to the gym for a quick run. Forgot a sports bra and ran in my regular one. Wasn't as bad as I expected except for a bit of strap falling down it was fine. Gross at the end, but fine feeling.

Getting so excited for Sunday. I've been stalking a few race report blogs and I have to say these girls: Emily, Sarah, Margot, and SR are SO inspiring! I regularly read SR (it's really good, she runs crazy fast miles and a ton of them, but she's really down to earth) and found these other three girls during the past few weeks. They all ran an ultra relay last weekend and then ALL PR'd on Sunday in Eugene. Hugh! I love what Emily said, "When I started this training cycle, 3:19 was all I thought about, and all I wanted. But recently, it started to become clearer to me that I’m a stronger runner than a 3:19 marathoner. While I didn’t want to blow my ultimate goal in pursuit of an overly ambitious time, I also didn’t want to play it safe with an easy goal. When choosing between something that’s easy and something that’s a challenge, I choose challenge.". Awesome.

Come on Lincoln! Anyone else super psyched?!

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alison said...

I am super psyched! :) Hoping for nice weather and that I don't beat myself up, mentally. I never got my 12 mile in, so I'm a wee bit nervous about the distance, but hoping I'll make it.

Funny - my dad and stepmom live near Eugene and she ran the half there last weekend too. :)