Sunday, May 13

I've been waiting for race pictures from Lincoln, and there still aren't any posted! So, I'm giving you kind of a run down of the race weekend. We headed out to Lincoln the night before, caught the expo at around 4pm. It was packed! (closed at 6). Poor Hubby lugging the baby around in a stroller, there were people all over the place, stopping in front of him, walking in front of him. It wasn't too much fun for him. And, not too much fun for me as I did no shopping because of the crowd. Oh well. Halfway to Lincoln I realized that not only had I forgotten my Garmin charger, I'd forgotten Garmie. I texted Tiffany and worried but she calmed me and said it was not a big deal. I'd run by feeling instead of being a slave to checking on my pace. So that was figured out. I was okay with that. Then, I realized I'd forgotten my spibelt (and this was after we'd left the expo). So, running without a phone, super. Thank goodness I'd remembered my water bottle holder and my nuun. I would have really been lost then.

The night before, little boy was freaking excited to be in a hotel, with new drawers, and a bathroom to scope out. We all went to bed around 10. I was up at 5:45 (the race started at 7am) and our hotel really wasn't too far away. After getting dressed and eating a to go cup of peanut butter with a spoon, we were ready to go. Hubby just dropped me off and went back to the hotel to get the little man dressed and fed while I ran.

Line up was chilly, I was wearing my tank top and a running skirt. It was about 60 degrees, I think. Race started at 7am and they had us start in waves. I'd realized in the confusion of lining up I was in with the pacer group of the 4:30 marathoners. They were really nice, and after a glance at their pacer bands I decided to stick with them. They were starting out conservative which sounded great to me. 11 something minutes the first mile and then picking it up a bit little by little after that. I was able to hang with them about 4-5miles. I didn't walk the first water stop (this was something I was looking forward to). The volunteers are fabulous, but I didn't want to get herded to the side too soon and get sucked into walking. So at the water stops I made sure to take a swig of my nuun. (I carried pink lemonade nuun, which was pretty hot by the end of the run but it was good!) After mile 5, I heard more talking behind me and realized that the 2:20 pacers were gaining on me. I tried to fend them off, but I was getting a little hot and tired, so I just let them pass me and kept them in my sights.

Miles 8-12 were rough. I didn't walk, but the path we ran mile 7-8 was crowded and there were a lot of people walking, it was hard to navigate. Mile 8-9 is a big hill and it felt like the next few miles to 12 were rolling hills. Might not have been, but it felt like it. I was trying to do the running math in my head and thought at 8 that I only had 4 miles to go. Then at 9 I realized then that I had 4 miles to go. I was struggling but thought of my little boy waiting at the finish. Continued to plod along. Tried to figure out as I passed the 12 mile marker if that would be mile 12 I was running, or if it was the 13th mile. In other words, did I have 1.1 miles to go, or just .1? So confused and tired. I took my electrolyte chews at just after 4, around 7.5 and just after the aide station at 10. The chews were hard to get down at 10. I wasn't nauseous or anything, just hard to chew physically. I really need to switch to gu I think!

After mile 12 you started to see the people who had already finished their 1/2 marathons. They were cheering, that was great but you kinda just wanted to be done, you know? High fived my pilates instructor (who killed it and ran a sub 2hr). The end was fantastic, ran it in once I got the stadium. Finished with a smile and took my first non running step after the timing mat. A little woozy after the finish. Grabbed my medal, hopped in line for foodstuffs. Grabbed a banana for the little man, chocolate milk for me, water, and two types of chips. SALT! Couldn't stomach an orange though. Walked out of the stadium and found my hubby after borrowing a nice woman's cell phone to call him. Our original meeting spot was under construction. Finished in 2:25:03. 11:05AP. No idea what the mile splits were, but judging from the tracking mats looks like I ran pretty consistently the whole race. Even though it felt like I really slowed down at the end. Here's one photo of me and my cheersquad:

(yes I did need some assistance getting up from that picture pose)

Had a great time. Considering doing the Omaha half. Depends how training goes this summer. I hope I can stand the heat! I didn't really have the goal of not walking, because I really didn't think it was possible. I'd walked in all of my training runs (at least when I took my chews). But I'm so glad about half way through I decided it was possible. So proud. I tell everyone that fact. When they ask my time, I say, slow, but! I didn't walk a single step!


alison said...

Yeah!! Way to go! It's great motivation to get to the end when you have that cute face waiting for you. :)

Five Green Penguins said...

You're awesome, Kelly! Great work!!