Tuesday, May 15

Half marathon photos!

Thanks to Amy, I did a few not-so-quick miles on Sunday. Outside felt great. It was nice to chat and run during my mothers day morning. Hubby made this.
(not my picture, it's from her website).
Well, I put it together the night before, and hubby topped it off and put it in the oven for me. It turned out really good, but I'd made it before so I knew it'd be good. I really haven't found anything from the pioneer woman that I haven't liked. Seriously, look up her crash hot potatoes. So good.

I found pictures from the race! There are some good ones, some not so good ones. Like, I'm considering sending one into SR's crappiest race pics photos. Here you go, I think they're in the order they were most likely taken:

Let's see if you can pick out the worst pic? I think it's the second one. Ugh. Bad hair day. But my hair's too short for a pony. Oh well. The last few pics aren't great, but at least I'm smiling and not looking like I'm about to die. I was so happy I'd done it without walking. Anyone who ran this and want's to find their pics, I found them here.

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alison said...

Ha, we make crash potatoes all.the.time. They're our most favorite PW thing. Must try this french toast though!

I look like I'm positively dying in the pics from the finish line. I need to do a race recap!