Thursday, April 19

hi there.

I'm here. Alive. Everyone in my family is alive and well. I've been stalking the blogs to the right. Rarely comment, because I usually read them on this:


Got a new phone last fall. Been preoccupied with this munchkin:

That's right, he's a year old already. Now, don't you feel old?

Suprisingling, I've also been running! I know! Shock! I'm training for the Lincoln half marathon, again. Didn't run it last year because I'd just had the baby. So it's been two years since I've run it. And I'm getting pretty excited about it. I'm been using this program. I've been sticking with the program too! I have a new running buddy who is getting me through my long runs on the weekends. It's been so nice to have someone to run with again. I just feel bad she's not going to be doing the half with me. I think I'm going to do 12 miles this weekend and 8 or 9 next weekend so I have a bit of a taper. The race is in three weeks. What do you all think? I'm really proud of myself for sticking with the program. Looks like this week will be my highest mileage week. I'm up to 22ish miles and I still have my 45 minute tempo run to do. I felt great this morning and kept going through the 45minute mark and ran until the treadmill shut off (60 minutes). I'm running at 2 incline on the treadmill and according to this I was running 10:20 pace. Does anyone else follow that site? I like that I can run slower and still consider it fast. Well, fast for me. I'm suprised with this training that I've noticed an increase in my speed. This last week I ran 10:00-10:20 for 50 and 60 minutes on the treadmill and felt good. Great even. That's fast for me, too. Anyone else see an increase in speed when you don't mean to even when you're not trying? I think it's just that I'm running more consistantly than I was prior to this training.

Hope all is well, here's a few more pictures from the past many months:

6 months

7 months

Christmas eve.

Walking around the zoo this spring.

Us on his birthday. New quilts from a friend's mom. Cardinals and Cubs. I'm hoping he likes his blue Cubs one better!


Five Green Penguins said...

I am happy you and Amy are running! Good luck with the half! Can't wait to run together in Aug!! :)

Five Green Penguins said...

I am happy you and Amy are running together! Good luck with the half!! :) can't wait to run in Aug! :)