Monday, April 23

12 miles. Done.

Hi again! Posting while attempting to keep an eye one the bambino, who's chasing balls around the den right now. Great fun. Did 12.01 miles this weekend! It went so much better than my 9 miler last weekend! Such a confidence boost when you have a good long run, am I right? Love it when that happens. I think I have my nutrition and hydration figured out. I'm carrying this. Filled with Nuun. Funny story about me and Nuun. I tried the bananarama flavor a few years ago, thinking that if I like banana flavored laughy taffy I'd certainly like having a drink flavored banana-y. Wrong. Hated it. But I found a pink lemonade flavor that's good. Sweet, but good if you just barely sip it thoughout the run. I've also been using honey stinger electrolyte chews. I've been taking them at 3, 6, and 9 miles. Taking 3 at 3 and 9 and 4 at 6. Weird that I always do it that way, but hey. I figure at around mile 6 I'm usually about 1/2 through and deserve a little more oomph. Plus taking those I walk when I do that and it's so something to look forward to! I've had the fruit smoothie flavor and the pink lemonade flavor. Liked them both. I'm tempted to try peanut m&ms or peanut butter and jelly sandwich sometime. But not before the race next week. Maybe some other time.

Did a 3 mile slow run at the gym today. My hubby decided he needed to go to the gym, when I really wanted to take a rest day. But I'm not too sore so I went with and jogged for about 35 minutes. Feel fine now.

I don't want to jynx anything, but thanks to Tiffany's "coaching" (and hal higdon's plan) I'm feeling more and more prepared for this race. Can't wait for next week!


Five Green Penguins said...

You're going to do great!! :)

alison said...

Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you! :) I need to figure out my race nutrition/hydration plan, and we have, what, 10 days to go?! Must get on that ASAP! Is it a giant PITA carrying that bottle the whole time? That's what I'm nervous about. I loathe the texture of GU gels, so maybe the honey stingers will be tastier for me. :)