Thursday, November 1

Guess what...

I am soon to be a mama of TWO BOYS!

Trying to get back into the swing of things at the gym after an off October. Just easy to kind of "forget" to go to the gym...Went back yesterday. Today, I couldn't resist a shower before the kiddo really got up and so, no gym today...Maybe tomorrow?

Friday, September 14

Still Running!

I am now, safely, 17 weeks pregnant. That makes me 17 weeks with a 17 month old in the house! So fun. I've been using our gym (and their day care facilities) as often as I can. Today was a great run. Yes, I'm still running! (hence the name of the post). I can't believe it. I ran some minutes under 10min/mile pace too! May have only been 2-3 minutes, but it counts! The rest of the run was in the 10:30-10min zone. I think. I used to be pace obsessed. But not so recently. More heartrate and feel obsessed. I'm supposed to keep it under 150 and for the most part if I stay around 4.5-5.2ish on 2 incline I'm at 150. Today I pushed myself on the treadmill and ran most of it at 5.5 and a few minutes at 5.7. Which according to here, is about 9:42ish. yay!

Here's a few pics from recent times:

16 weeks and on our daily wagon ride around the neighborhood.

homeboy can rock a pony!

16 weeks and gussied up for our anniversary last weekend.

I've had a lot of trouble with vericose veins and swelling, and pain. But I'm trying to get more rest in. A few weekends ago it was horrible, I was down to walking on the treadmill and still almost in tears. But after a phone call to a very helpful aunt, who was kind and reassured me I'm not going to die. I realized that maybe going to the gym every morning and then walking my 17 mo old around the zoo for 2 hrs in the afternoon wasn't really giving me the quality rest time I needed. So I've cut that out. If I know I want to go to the zoo, I don't go to the gym. Or, I take boy's naptime and put my feet up (literally).

Hope I can continue running, so far so good with my balance. I remember feeling so off balance after a while with little man.

In other exciting news, I think I've decided to cave (99.9% sure of it) and find out what we're having in a few weeks time!

Wednesday, August 8


So, I've been gone. Guess you can guess why.

Hubby's squinting at the sun, not pissed off.

Soon to be family of four!

How he really feels.

Still "running". Which I feel really good about. I feel much more fit this pregnancy than with William. I still am doing pilates twice a week. But I'm decreasing my weight load and modifying the moves a bit. I'll stop that at the end of September though, just due to size ;)

Hoping not to have gestational diabetes this time. A1C was high, but not too high, so I'll just be tested at 28weeks like everyone else. Guess I'd better keep up the running and start watching my diet!

Hope all is well!


Tuesday, May 15

Half marathon photos!

Thanks to Amy, I did a few not-so-quick miles on Sunday. Outside felt great. It was nice to chat and run during my mothers day morning. Hubby made this.
(not my picture, it's from her website).
Well, I put it together the night before, and hubby topped it off and put it in the oven for me. It turned out really good, but I'd made it before so I knew it'd be good. I really haven't found anything from the pioneer woman that I haven't liked. Seriously, look up her crash hot potatoes. So good.

I found pictures from the race! There are some good ones, some not so good ones. Like, I'm considering sending one into SR's crappiest race pics photos. Here you go, I think they're in the order they were most likely taken:

Let's see if you can pick out the worst pic? I think it's the second one. Ugh. Bad hair day. But my hair's too short for a pony. Oh well. The last few pics aren't great, but at least I'm smiling and not looking like I'm about to die. I was so happy I'd done it without walking. Anyone who ran this and want's to find their pics, I found them here.

Sunday, May 13

I've been waiting for race pictures from Lincoln, and there still aren't any posted! So, I'm giving you kind of a run down of the race weekend. We headed out to Lincoln the night before, caught the expo at around 4pm. It was packed! (closed at 6). Poor Hubby lugging the baby around in a stroller, there were people all over the place, stopping in front of him, walking in front of him. It wasn't too much fun for him. And, not too much fun for me as I did no shopping because of the crowd. Oh well. Halfway to Lincoln I realized that not only had I forgotten my Garmin charger, I'd forgotten Garmie. I texted Tiffany and worried but she calmed me and said it was not a big deal. I'd run by feeling instead of being a slave to checking on my pace. So that was figured out. I was okay with that. Then, I realized I'd forgotten my spibelt (and this was after we'd left the expo). So, running without a phone, super. Thank goodness I'd remembered my water bottle holder and my nuun. I would have really been lost then.

The night before, little boy was freaking excited to be in a hotel, with new drawers, and a bathroom to scope out. We all went to bed around 10. I was up at 5:45 (the race started at 7am) and our hotel really wasn't too far away. After getting dressed and eating a to go cup of peanut butter with a spoon, we were ready to go. Hubby just dropped me off and went back to the hotel to get the little man dressed and fed while I ran.

Line up was chilly, I was wearing my tank top and a running skirt. It was about 60 degrees, I think. Race started at 7am and they had us start in waves. I'd realized in the confusion of lining up I was in with the pacer group of the 4:30 marathoners. They were really nice, and after a glance at their pacer bands I decided to stick with them. They were starting out conservative which sounded great to me. 11 something minutes the first mile and then picking it up a bit little by little after that. I was able to hang with them about 4-5miles. I didn't walk the first water stop (this was something I was looking forward to). The volunteers are fabulous, but I didn't want to get herded to the side too soon and get sucked into walking. So at the water stops I made sure to take a swig of my nuun. (I carried pink lemonade nuun, which was pretty hot by the end of the run but it was good!) After mile 5, I heard more talking behind me and realized that the 2:20 pacers were gaining on me. I tried to fend them off, but I was getting a little hot and tired, so I just let them pass me and kept them in my sights.

Miles 8-12 were rough. I didn't walk, but the path we ran mile 7-8 was crowded and there were a lot of people walking, it was hard to navigate. Mile 8-9 is a big hill and it felt like the next few miles to 12 were rolling hills. Might not have been, but it felt like it. I was trying to do the running math in my head and thought at 8 that I only had 4 miles to go. Then at 9 I realized then that I had 4 miles to go. I was struggling but thought of my little boy waiting at the finish. Continued to plod along. Tried to figure out as I passed the 12 mile marker if that would be mile 12 I was running, or if it was the 13th mile. In other words, did I have 1.1 miles to go, or just .1? So confused and tired. I took my electrolyte chews at just after 4, around 7.5 and just after the aide station at 10. The chews were hard to get down at 10. I wasn't nauseous or anything, just hard to chew physically. I really need to switch to gu I think!

After mile 12 you started to see the people who had already finished their 1/2 marathons. They were cheering, that was great but you kinda just wanted to be done, you know? High fived my pilates instructor (who killed it and ran a sub 2hr). The end was fantastic, ran it in once I got the stadium. Finished with a smile and took my first non running step after the timing mat. A little woozy after the finish. Grabbed my medal, hopped in line for foodstuffs. Grabbed a banana for the little man, chocolate milk for me, water, and two types of chips. SALT! Couldn't stomach an orange though. Walked out of the stadium and found my hubby after borrowing a nice woman's cell phone to call him. Our original meeting spot was under construction. Finished in 2:25:03. 11:05AP. No idea what the mile splits were, but judging from the tracking mats looks like I ran pretty consistently the whole race. Even though it felt like I really slowed down at the end. Here's one photo of me and my cheersquad:

(yes I did need some assistance getting up from that picture pose)

Had a great time. Considering doing the Omaha half. Depends how training goes this summer. I hope I can stand the heat! I didn't really have the goal of not walking, because I really didn't think it was possible. I'd walked in all of my training runs (at least when I took my chews). But I'm so glad about half way through I decided it was possible. So proud. I tell everyone that fact. When they ask my time, I say, slow, but! I didn't walk a single step!

Sunday, May 6


Didn't walk a single step! 2:25:03. A pr by, 10minutes?! Eee! Pretty excited!

Saturday, May 5

On our way

We're on our way to Lincoln! We've got a hotel room for the night before. Now I know I'm prepared but I'm nervous it'll be really humid and hot. :/ wuss. And, while I don't have a "goal" I'd love to do better than my current pr. Which should be possible especially since I won't really be using the early water stations. Which means no expire to walk before three miles. Off to the expo soon. Report back tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 1

My long run on Sunday was not as long as I had planned. Maybe this is what it feels like after my legs have had 25+ week miles the last few weeks? I don't remember the last time that happened. Seriously. But Sunday it was misty-rainy, overcast, 50s, maybe? Should have been a great morning to run. We started out good, then I looked at my garmin thinking we'd gone at least 2 miles, nope not even a mile and a half. I kept thinking we'd been running forever and hadn't really. I did have to get home for hubby to go to work, I wonder if I was just subconsciously scared that I wouldn't make it home in time and allowed myself to call it quits? We stopped after 5ish miles. Boo. Felt like my legs we lead and like I was running through mud or jello. Anyone else experience this with a taper? The last few halfs I've ran (okay the only two) I was pretty unprepared, never did a 12 mile training run, and was just crossing my fingers that adreniline and excitement would get me through the race. I'm telling myself it's just that I'm so prepared that I felt that bad.

Ran yesterday for 4miles at the gym, nice and slow. Wasn't tired at all from Sunday (big suprise) so I had no excuse not to go to the gym for a quick run. Forgot a sports bra and ran in my regular one. Wasn't as bad as I expected except for a bit of strap falling down it was fine. Gross at the end, but fine feeling.

Getting so excited for Sunday. I've been stalking a few race report blogs and I have to say these girls: Emily, Sarah, Margot, and SR are SO inspiring! I regularly read SR (it's really good, she runs crazy fast miles and a ton of them, but she's really down to earth) and found these other three girls during the past few weeks. They all ran an ultra relay last weekend and then ALL PR'd on Sunday in Eugene. Hugh! I love what Emily said, "When I started this training cycle, 3:19 was all I thought about, and all I wanted. But recently, it started to become clearer to me that I’m a stronger runner than a 3:19 marathoner. While I didn’t want to blow my ultimate goal in pursuit of an overly ambitious time, I also didn’t want to play it safe with an easy goal. When choosing between something that’s easy and something that’s a challenge, I choose challenge.". Awesome.

Come on Lincoln! Anyone else super psyched?!

Friday, April 27


I was asked to find a few pictures of my mom this week. While it brought tears to my eyes, I didn't bawl for hours. So that's progress. Here's a few I love.

Love you mama.

Wednesday, April 25

Gym. Fail.

I don't think little boy wanted to go to the gym today. At all. I had to do my speed work (a measly 2.5 miles) and left it till this afternoon. Got to the gym, checked little boy into the gym child care and had forgotten my gym bag in the car. Checked out little boy from childcare, walked back to the car, got my bag and got back into the gym and got him checked back into childcare. Got into the locker room and found that little boy had taken a gym shoe out of my bag at some point. I really can't run in a flip flop and one sneaker. When I went back into childcare to get him, he had the biggest smile on his face. I think he planned it that way. So, I got my hair cut instead.

So, my friend Wende is coming back into town in August for her bach. party. And, because she's the best, she's planning on doing a race with all of her friends back here in town! YAY! So excited. SO wanting to plan matchy matchy tee shirts. Here's some options:

I think that Wende should wear white or pink and all the other girls should get another color, like the yellow?

The last one is referencing this sketch.

I had to look it up, but I think it's pretty funny. And, it's kind of referencing that single ladies song. Anyways, thoughts?

Monday, April 23

12 miles. Done.

Hi again! Posting while attempting to keep an eye one the bambino, who's chasing balls around the den right now. Great fun. Did 12.01 miles this weekend! It went so much better than my 9 miler last weekend! Such a confidence boost when you have a good long run, am I right? Love it when that happens. I think I have my nutrition and hydration figured out. I'm carrying this. Filled with Nuun. Funny story about me and Nuun. I tried the bananarama flavor a few years ago, thinking that if I like banana flavored laughy taffy I'd certainly like having a drink flavored banana-y. Wrong. Hated it. But I found a pink lemonade flavor that's good. Sweet, but good if you just barely sip it thoughout the run. I've also been using honey stinger electrolyte chews. I've been taking them at 3, 6, and 9 miles. Taking 3 at 3 and 9 and 4 at 6. Weird that I always do it that way, but hey. I figure at around mile 6 I'm usually about 1/2 through and deserve a little more oomph. Plus taking those I walk when I do that and it's so something to look forward to! I've had the fruit smoothie flavor and the pink lemonade flavor. Liked them both. I'm tempted to try peanut m&ms or peanut butter and jelly sandwich sometime. But not before the race next week. Maybe some other time.

Did a 3 mile slow run at the gym today. My hubby decided he needed to go to the gym, when I really wanted to take a rest day. But I'm not too sore so I went with and jogged for about 35 minutes. Feel fine now.

I don't want to jynx anything, but thanks to Tiffany's "coaching" (and hal higdon's plan) I'm feeling more and more prepared for this race. Can't wait for next week!

Thursday, April 19

hi there.

I'm here. Alive. Everyone in my family is alive and well. I've been stalking the blogs to the right. Rarely comment, because I usually read them on this:


Got a new phone last fall. Been preoccupied with this munchkin:

That's right, he's a year old already. Now, don't you feel old?

Suprisingling, I've also been running! I know! Shock! I'm training for the Lincoln half marathon, again. Didn't run it last year because I'd just had the baby. So it's been two years since I've run it. And I'm getting pretty excited about it. I'm been using this program. I've been sticking with the program too! I have a new running buddy who is getting me through my long runs on the weekends. It's been so nice to have someone to run with again. I just feel bad she's not going to be doing the half with me. I think I'm going to do 12 miles this weekend and 8 or 9 next weekend so I have a bit of a taper. The race is in three weeks. What do you all think? I'm really proud of myself for sticking with the program. Looks like this week will be my highest mileage week. I'm up to 22ish miles and I still have my 45 minute tempo run to do. I felt great this morning and kept going through the 45minute mark and ran until the treadmill shut off (60 minutes). I'm running at 2 incline on the treadmill and according to this I was running 10:20 pace. Does anyone else follow that site? I like that I can run slower and still consider it fast. Well, fast for me. I'm suprised with this training that I've noticed an increase in my speed. This last week I ran 10:00-10:20 for 50 and 60 minutes on the treadmill and felt good. Great even. That's fast for me, too. Anyone else see an increase in speed when you don't mean to even when you're not trying? I think it's just that I'm running more consistantly than I was prior to this training.

Hope all is well, here's a few more pictures from the past many months:

6 months

7 months

Christmas eve.

Walking around the zoo this spring.

Us on his birthday. New quilts from a friend's mom. Cardinals and Cubs. I'm hoping he likes his blue Cubs one better!