Thursday, August 4

So, it’s been a while.

I’m still here.  Still lurking all of your blogs.  No worries.  Raising this baby.  He’s 4 months old already!  He’s been cranky/fussy more so than usual lately.  Keep calling the doctor, being the 1st time mom that I am, and she says that is sounds like teething.  But no teeth yet.  And, from what I hear it can take months for those teeth to show.  I hope he’s not fussy for months.  He’s such a good baby otherwise.  As evidenced by the following photos:

3 months:


Closer to 4 months:P1010009 - Copy P1010042

P1010012 P1010160 P1010214

4 months, obvs.

Cute, huh?  We think so.  We think he’s quite the keeper!  See that second to last photo?  He’s been doing “happy baby” pose for the last week.  LOVES it.  My little yogi baby.  Must have known that I did prenatal yoga! 


On the running/working out front.  I’ve been doing pilates 2x/week and running when I can.  It’s gotten a lot better since I’ve been able to put William into child care for 2 hours/day at the gym.  SO nice.  I do pilates on the reformer, like so:


(that’s obviously not my picture).  But I love the reformer.  It’s completely different from the mat classes.  I get such a good workout.  Sweating!  Buckets!  I’ve lost 7 inches and about 9 pounds (mind you I’m loosing baby weight and nursing too) from the end of May to the end of July.  8 weeks.  That’s 16 sessions.  That’s it!  AND!  The most exciting of all for me, I can not only touch my toes, I can touch the floor with my fingers and palms!  That’s So cool!  So cool!  I’ve never been able to touch my toes in. my. life. 

I haven’t been running as much this week because I didn’t feel well last week but I’m going to get back to it.   It’s slow, but I try for at least 1/2 hr to 45minutes/session.  I don’t think I’ve left William alone in the daycare for the full 2 hours yet!  I’m planning on doing my yearly 2 mile race.  Last year and the year before I did it in 22minutes.  The year before that it was 19:20, I think.  I’m hoping for 22minutes ish again.  But we’ll see.  It’s been super hot out and I haven’t run outside in quite a while.  Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


On the sewing front, I made this:264025_10150286588995813_719835812_9270925_2867442_n


He loves his “lovie”.

A mini monkey one:


I think we’re giving him an unnatural love of fleece.  Oh well.

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Running Mommy said...

Love that baby! He is getting so old...I can't believe that it was only four months ago. Anyway I am glad you posted the pilates video..too funny. Talk to you later!