Sunday, August 7


Every one!  Hi!  Two posts in just as many days.  Can you tell I’m getting the hang of doing stuff while little one naps?  Speaking of doing stuff, I ran a race (the second one) since he was born today.  It was the Lake Wehrspann 2miler.  One I do every year it seems.  It was baby’s first race last year (I was just a few weeks pregnant) and I did it again this year.  I beat my old time too!  The weather was perfect today.  Warm with just a little cool breeze.  Started at 7:40 am and it’s just a quick out and back with not too many hills.  It does start on a downhill which means it ends on an uphill.  And, man, I sprinted up that uphill at the end.  I told myself it was because I wanted to finish strong and get a good time and I’d seen the clock at 19:xx.  But really, I didn’t want to let the gal that had just passed me to beat me!  And I didn’t!  I forgot how good it feels to pass someone in a race.  Horrible, I know!  But I finished in 20:07 10:04AP, last years time was 22:20 or something like that.  But, most importantly, I didn’t walk a single step!  My friend Ann signed up for the 10K impromptu style the day before and ran it in a pr.  So, yay for her.  I didn’t get to see her finish though, because I had to relieve my husband of baby duties so he could get to work on time.  Baby and I went to the gym for pilates, another killer session.  Great start to the day.  Tonight we’re headed over to John and Ann’s for some pot-roast.  It’s nice not to have to worry about dinner.  Just rest and relax until hubby comes home.  Our house is in upheaval because we’ve had the floors redone in our dinning room and kitchen and painted a really big wall in our house during that time.  We still have some touching up to do on that wall so our living room furniture is crammed Tetris style in the corner of the room.  Makes playing with baby interesting.  At least he’s not too mobile, yet.


Here’s a few photos: 

Same race last year with Wende, sad, she lives way out in California now.  :(


First race post baby, a 4mile on the 3rd of July, second race out of state if you count the one in Council Bluffs just a 1/2 hr drive from my house:


Mrs. Yardley, Me, cute baby, Susan.  Great times.  Following this Susan and I had shakes from steak and shake, so good.  Wish we had one here.

Today:  Ignore the hideous hair/face/overall appearance of me, focus on the cute baby:


He’s still in his pjs and I’ve already ran a race, what’s up with that?


Running Mommy said...

Yea for you, I am a little jealous that I was not there with you today! I am so proud of your finish! By the way little man is starting to look more like his daddy!

Five Green Penguins said...

So cute! Wish I could have ran with you!

Suzino said...

Really, I don't think you can't count July 3rd as your first "race" cuz you were super nice and didn't ditch me and i did very little running.

Ann said...

Good to see you back on the blog!! YAY for your awesome race time (10:04 PM!!) and big YAY for you being able to come over to our place again - without the asthma attack! :D

P.S. You are looking amazing! Way to go!!

Lauren said...

Looking great! The little man is very cute!