Tuesday, June 7

Getting back to exercise.

I got the okay to work out at 6 weeks.  My baby is 9 weeks old now.  Attempting to fit in runs and pilates classes with my hubby’s work schedule.  At two weeks after returning to running I was able to run 30 minutes without stopping.  That is huge.  I think that walking throughout pregnancy really did help me keep some fitness.  I’m pretty positive about starting over.  I felt guilty leaving the little man the first few times I did but I’m getting better.  Hubby’s really helping.  He never minds sticking with the kiddo while I work out.  Sometimes we’d let me go to the gym and then he’d go out for a bike ride when I got home.  Working out well so far.

Here’s a few pics.  Sorry so short, I can hear him crying upstairs, gotta go rescue the hubby.





Happy Running!  I have been lurking your blogs, but not much time to comment, or it’s hard to comment one handed :)  this baby thing is time consuming!

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