Wednesday, May 4


I’m back!  Not really working out hard core yet, but trying to go out for walks here and there.  Enjoying time with my baby.  Yes, BABY!  I did have a baby boy April 3rd at 1:48am.  It was his due date and it was perfect.  Hard but totally worth it.  I remember thinking, after he was crying and okay, “This is the best thing I’ve ever done!”.  I immediately wanted to do it again.  The 9 months of waiting and wondering and sacrifice, even the diabetes was TOTALLY worth it!  I am so in love with my little boy. 

Here’s Will:


After delivery (obvs)


Napping with my little peanut.


After his first bath at home.


1 month old yesterday!




Okay, off to walk around the neighborhood!


Morgan said...

He is beautiful!!! Congrats!!!!

jen said...

Congratulations!! He is just perfect. I think he looks a lot like your husband. I'm so glad you are both so healthy and happy. What a blessing. Enjoy these precious first few months!

Nikki said...

What a little sweetheart! Don't worry about the working out - walking your little man around is hard core enough. Happy walking!

Jamie said...

Beautiful boy! Congrats ( nearly 2 months after the fact!)

Find Your Way to Fitness said...

He's precious. Enjoy Motherhood! Nothing else in the world like it!

runner26 said...

So cute!! Our kids are practically birthday buddies ;) congrats!