Saturday, February 26

5 weeks and counting!

Time has been flying by!  I’m 35 weeks and 3 days today.  I had a scare at 33 weeks and ended up in the hospital overnight for contractions, thankfully they didn’t amount to anything.  But it was a good drill.  At least we know how to get to the hospital without loosing it.  I’ve had a few baby showers.  One I went to St Louis for, my hubby’s family is all down there.  Wonderful!  They are all so nice, makes me kinda want to live down there.  Had a shower with girls from work.  Small, casual, and fun to just hang out.  I even cheated and took a bite of cake after dinner.  Mmmm.  Can’t wait to be non diabetic anymore!  But the diabetes has taught me portion control and a more scheduled eating pattern.  I haven’t gained a pound since I got diagnosed with the GD.  So that’s good.  I’m also continuing to walk on my days off.  Usually 1/2 hr, usually 1.5 miles or so.  Sometimes I’m daring and go for 2 miles.  The last few times I’ve walked I’ve tried a little light jogging (we’re talking 4.0-5.0) only for about a minute to four minutes.  But it feels SO good.  Here’s some pictures cause I know you care.


From the St Louis Shower


Me, very excited apparently about the new umbrella stroller.


From the hospital:


It was Valentine’s morning when the hubby showed up at 7am with this new guy.

181508_10150139278555813_719835812_8218272_5880150_n 180593_10150135219030813_719835812_8169884_701133_n

That’s the crib bumpers and going home outfit I’ve made him.  Cute, no?  The hat in the outfit was one of the first baby gifts, maybe the first?, he received.  I thought it went well with the aqua on the tie fabric.


Happy Weekend!

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Melissa said...

Been thinkin' about ya! Can't wait to hear of baby's arrival! P.S. I LOVE that umbrella stroller, it's really the best one--and I have a lot of strollers! :) It's so great for travel, seriously. Yipee for babies!