Tuesday, January 18

Big sigh.

Good news and bad news. 

Good:  I’m 29 weeks along and still feeling good.  Getting crafty.  I just finished up an elephant banner for bambino’s room and an elephant mobile.  Both of which took me just a few hours combined.




I got the idea from here.  I followed the directions and used leftover fabric that wasn’t too girlie.  The gray elephant on the left is made from scraps of what I’m going to make the bedding out of.  Cute, right?

I also tried to copy an etsy mobile.

P1010001 - Copy



So I guess the theme is elephants!  Love it.  The mobile is a little home made and rough but I like it just the same.   And because I’m cheap I did it all for under $5.  But I like the fact that little bambino gets something home made from me and it passed the time and let me stall on putting away my laundry.


So today I got the call that I was dreading.  I have gestational diabetes.  And, even though I’m a nurse, I haven’t studied the prenatal stuff in SO long.  I bawled on the phone to my dr’s nurse.  I’ll have to see a perinatologist and start logging my sugars and hopefully control it though diet for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I kinda thought this test would be a joke.  I had no idea I’d fail it.  I feel like I did something wrong.  But I know I didn’t, it just happens.  I think that my mom may have had this too having 9+ pound babies at term.  I think she just wasn’t screened for it.  We’ll see what this new doctor says.  I’ll do what I need to to keep bambino as healthy as possible.  And, I’m a stickler for rules so I’m pretty confident I can figure this out if I just do what they tell me.  


Walked yesterday on the treadmill in the first time in forever.  For some reason I’ve been having a really bad allergic reaction to something in a friend’s house (asthma, cough, wheezing, trouble breathing, shortness of breath, yada yada yada) for at least 36 hrs after going over there for about 4.  I took my new inhaler (which I was prescribed the last time I had really bad asthma from going over to their house) three times in 12 hours.  So you know I felt crummy cause I hate using that thing!  Hate!   I should go back today but I’m tied to the house cause I’m pretty sure this new doctor will call on my home phone and I do NOT want to miss it!  I think I’ll try this new prenatal yoga dvd my yoga instructor let me borrow.

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Still reading your blogs, although it’s mostly living vicariously through your running adventures.  Soon I’ll be back, Soon!


Nikki said...

Sorry to hear about the GD. LOVE the elephants though! And I totally hear you on running vicariously through everyone else, kinda sucks but at least you can stay in the loop! Good luck!

Jamie said...

You are so crafty. Too cute!

I'm sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. best of luck that everything is healthy and happy for the remainder of the pregnancy!