Monday, December 13

I’m not fat.

I’m pregnant and fat.  Sigh.  Watching those numbers go up is scary business.  I’ve got another ob visit tomorrow and I’m kind of dreading the weigh in.  It’ll be 5 weeks since my last visit so I’m hoping for only about 5-10 pounds but it feels like a lot.  And, I’m told not to stress about it but it’s hard.  Come on pregnant girls, back me up.

I’ve been loving my prenatal yoga but sadly, due to work missed yesterday and will miss next week too!  Hopefully they don’t forget about me! 

Did some “baking” on Friday.  I made about 6-8 dozen cookies in about 5 hours.  I used this 2004 or so grocery store cookie pamphlets a gal from work gave me.  I call it grocery store cause it’s totally the kind of little magazine you see at the checkout of your grocery store.  It has all Pillsbury cookies made with Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough.  My favorite ones are the “coffee shop cookies” and the mock monster cookies with the peanut butter cups in the middle. 

I’m looking forward to our annual cookie decorating party next week.  We invite a few of my girlfriends, their husbands if they want to come, and of COURSE the kiddos.  It’s basically a reason to have kids throw sprinkles around the kitchen and for the ladies to gab.  It’s a little later that I’d hoped but we just got our carpets professionally cleaned and were waiting for that to get done. 

Here are a few pictures:

21 weeks with my father at Thanksgiving.  (My stomach “Brooklyn” is officially the same size as a 14 pound turkey)


23 weeks:


Our Christmas card photo we took tonight (I’m 24 weeks):


Our Christmas card says something cute like, “we get our present a little later this year…”  Aw.  And, I know it looks like I’m holding his stomach.  But you see, this shirt is shear and I’m wearing a “belly band” to hid my stomach from being seen through the shirt.  In all the other pictures you could totally tell where the band started and stopped and I didn’t like it.  So we settled on this.  Hope it doesn’t look too weird.


Happy Holidays!


Nikki said...

You look great! Don't worry about the weight. I worried too though, especially since I was gaining at least twice the rate they hope for! Oops!

kizzy said...

--I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - smartwool

Anonymous said...

You are NOT fat and pregnant. You are just pregnant. :) Look at it this way, after the birth you will lose weight faster than ever before! Like, instantly! :)

Jamie said...

You're looking good and happy! Glad it's going well pregnant lady :)

Chanda M. DeFoor said...

You look great!

Lauren said...

Love the bump! =]

X-Country2 said...

Awww, you're so cute and pregnant! You have a tiny little belly. THe rest of you doesn't look pregnant at all.

Mom on the Run said...

I'm way behind on blog reading. Congratulations!! You look great! As a mom of two, don't worry about the weight gain - just enjoy it all!