Friday, September 17


…Friday!  I spent the morning at the gym.  Gasp, I know.  I did the hill workout on level 10 with a speed of 3.0.  Sad I know.  But I power walked it out and got up to an incline of 7.8.  So, that was exciting.  Then I did the float machine for 7 minutes.  I hope my legs look killer after today.  They’ve got to, right?   The float machine (I just tried for two seconds to find a picture and can’t), is a machine that mimics roller blading and really works your inner thighs and legs in general.

I didn’t do anything with my arms.  Cause, after my run on Monday I did 50 girlie pushups and my arms hurt for DAYS.  Maybe that means I should do more?  I think it means I should lay off of them for a while.

How are you?
Ps, do you like my new layout? I know it's not fall-y but I think it's cute.

Thursday, September 16

Let’s see.

What’s happened since June 26th?  Well.   A lot.  And yet,

not a lot.  Still working as a nurse.  Took one vaca. without

the hubby in July (to see my sister for a girl’s weekend). 

Ran a couple races, nothing too extraordinary.  Here’s

some pics!

Went to a wedding, got purdy:



These pictures were from the end of the night!


From the girl’s weekend.  There was a whole lot of this:


WINE! And sisterly bonding.

good smiles

After a victory for the Portland Timbers.  I went to two games SOOOO much fun!  I want to live in Portland just for that team!  If you go, sit in sections 107-108ish, it’s for the rowdy fans!


This was just funny: “God Bless Murrica” (if you can’t read it).


Some sun.  Me and my running girls out by the pool after a run.  That’s me in the sun hat.  Got it in Portland and it made another appearance.  So cute.


Lake Wherspann run (2 miles) 8.1.10.  Hideous post race picture of me, I was feeling a little flabby so wore this huge shirt to the race.  Ick.  But I came in around the same time I did last year so that was exciting.


Wende and I at the Boxer 500.  A 5k race supporting the awareness of colo-rectal cancer.  You were supposed to dress in boxers, but we’re girls, we wore our tutus.  Big hit.  Worst 5k time however, to date.  Finished it with a doctor I know though, so that was fun.  I love the lighting in this picture.  Thanks lady who we were sure took an awful photo!


On the running front.  I’ve done little recently.  I did go for a swim on Sunday and was able to swim for 25minutes so I feel accomplished.  I now have a bit of a cold and ended up with an ocular migraine on Tuesday night that lasted until Wednesday morning which was the worst one yet but I think this cold was coming on too, you know?


Hope everyone’s well.  I have been keeping up with blogs and such just not updating my own as I’ve reached a bit of a plateau in my running career right now.  But I’m sticking with it and that’s what counts, right?