Tuesday, June 1

Hello there!  Long time no talk.  I’ve been busy reading what you all have been up to!  Sounds like fun.  Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend.  I know I did.  Attended my nephew’s high school graduation party.  Also attended my nephew’s baptism (the 6mo. old brother of the 18 year old!).  My husband and I were his sponsors/god parents at the baptism.  So that was cool.  First time I’d curled my hair since my wedding I think!

I did the Boystown 5miler on Monday (yesterday).  As you can see from the side bar, it wasn’t a pr.  But they can’t all be!  I ran it with Wende and Amy.  These are the girls I’ve been “cheating” on Tiffany with.  (that’s what Tiffany calls it when I run with other people :D )  We’ve been doing hills the last two Tuesdays.  I bailed on them today though cause of a pesky tornado warning.  I’m so scared of weather!  The 5 miler started out great.  Not as hot as last weekend but still warm.  We felt good.  Well, Amy and I did.  It was getting warm though and Wende had trouble breathing.  We all agreed we didn’t want the ambulance.  So we all welcomed a few walk breaks and made it to the end.  We finished and were glad to be done!  Can’t wait to try and tackle it again next year.  It is a tough, hilly course!

30605_576097678796_32505968_33285467_274305_n Before the race



(that’s my new racing headband).  Cute, no?

And Happy Birthday to Susan!


X-Country2 said...

What a fun run crew. Adorable headband too. You always have the cutest clothes!

Suzino said...

THAT'S ME!!! Thanks for the B-Day wishes! Glad to see you actually wear gym shoes while running.

Julie said...

Nice job on your five mile race! It must have been fun to run with a few friends:) I love the headband!

Lauren said...

Adorable racing headband and great job!