Saturday, June 26

Hello no running.

I’ve been meeting the girls for our Tuesday night runs with hills.  And, that’s about it.  Maybe another mile here or there.  But I’m resting for a while.  I have still been stalking reading your blogs and all your adventures.  But nothing too exciting to report here.  I seem to be working a lot of the weekends I’d like to do a race so I’m just chilling.  May do the Omaha 10k this fall if it works out with my schedule.  Maybe I won’t.  We’ll see.  Just thought I’d let you all know I haven’t died.  My life’s just boring. 

Going to KC this next weekend for the 4th.  Going to Portland OR for the 8-13th.   Anyone interested in going for a run or trying to do a 5k with me?  Help me out ladies, Jen or SlowlyButSurely


Talk to you all soon-ish.  I hope.  Off to work I go!


Jamie said...

Enjoy the downtime!

Anonymous said...

WE all need downtown.