Saturday, June 26

Hello no running.

I’ve been meeting the girls for our Tuesday night runs with hills.  And, that’s about it.  Maybe another mile here or there.  But I’m resting for a while.  I have still been stalking reading your blogs and all your adventures.  But nothing too exciting to report here.  I seem to be working a lot of the weekends I’d like to do a race so I’m just chilling.  May do the Omaha 10k this fall if it works out with my schedule.  Maybe I won’t.  We’ll see.  Just thought I’d let you all know I haven’t died.  My life’s just boring. 

Going to KC this next weekend for the 4th.  Going to Portland OR for the 8-13th.   Anyone interested in going for a run or trying to do a 5k with me?  Help me out ladies, Jen or SlowlyButSurely


Talk to you all soon-ish.  I hope.  Off to work I go!

Thursday, June 10


Today I tried to do intervals with Amy.  Tried.

Note to self:  Don’t eat a late lunch before a run at 5:15ish.  It makes you feel awful during the run!

We headed out on a pretty straight and less hilly path than we take on our Tuesday night hill repeats.  This week we did 6 (I did 5 cause I’m getting over the flu) 100meter hill repeats.  My outer buns are still killing me!  Yikes.  Can’t wait to make this part of my routine this summer.

Anyways back to tonight.  We headed out and I had Garmie set up for 4 0.25 intervals with 0.25 rest.  Two miles total.  Yeah I could have had a hard core 0.1 or 0.05 of rest but really, it was our first time attempting this and I didn’t want to wear us out!  This work out was fast and fun!  Our repeats looked like this: 

  • 0.25  2:10  8:40AP
  • 0.25  2:29 (not much of a cool down!)
  • 0.25  2:01  8:04AP
  • 0.25  3:52 (walked the rest of the rests…)
  • 0.25  2:06  8:24AP
  • 0.25  4:09
  • 0.25  2:09  8:39AP
  • 0.25  4:41

Pretty nice, right?  We did a mile cool down which was tough after running so fast.  Hope everyone’s having a good week.  I’m having fun trying new workouts with this new crew.  Thanks ladies for letting me run with you!

Tuesday, June 8

I've been sick

I haven't run since the Boystown 5miler. I hope to run tonight. I've been sick with stomachy stuff since Wednesday. I thought I was better, ate something on Sunday and was sleeping next to this for 2 hours on Monday morning. Ew. (ps that is not actually my toilet although wood floors in my bathroom would be so classy.)

Went to work last night, nauseous. Feel better this morning. And no, I'm not pregnant. Thank you very much!

So question peeps. I may have made a poor purchase. I've been stalking this purse:

Cute right? Even cuter on. So it's normally, I don't know, $298 or so. On sale at my local Von Maur for $208. I've been stalking cause I don't want to pay $208 for this purse. I'm cheap. So every other week I've been visiting this purse, walking around the purse section with it on my shoulder and prancing around like I own it. Still not any lower. I walked up to a lady at the store today and said "I'd really like this purse but I was hoping it was going to go on sale more". She said "Well there are 17 left in Von Maur's across the country and Coach really waits a while to take the final markdown. But I can watch it for you and call you if they start to sell out or get marked down" SCORE! I gave her my cell phone and was very happy. Until I saw this.

(Poor picture cause I stole it off ebay) Leather, eggplant, classy, gorgeous. Marked down 1/2 off. I bought it. She told me it was the only one left. The only one! And it was just $20 more than that other smaller purse. Normally $500. Someone bought this purse for $500 (more than one someones too) and I got it for $220. So really, it was a great buy. Right? Tell me you love it! Or don't tell me it's hideous, I can still return it.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 1

Hello there!  Long time no talk.  I’ve been busy reading what you all have been up to!  Sounds like fun.  Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend.  I know I did.  Attended my nephew’s high school graduation party.  Also attended my nephew’s baptism (the 6mo. old brother of the 18 year old!).  My husband and I were his sponsors/god parents at the baptism.  So that was cool.  First time I’d curled my hair since my wedding I think!

I did the Boystown 5miler on Monday (yesterday).  As you can see from the side bar, it wasn’t a pr.  But they can’t all be!  I ran it with Wende and Amy.  These are the girls I’ve been “cheating” on Tiffany with.  (that’s what Tiffany calls it when I run with other people :D )  We’ve been doing hills the last two Tuesdays.  I bailed on them today though cause of a pesky tornado warning.  I’m so scared of weather!  The 5 miler started out great.  Not as hot as last weekend but still warm.  We felt good.  Well, Amy and I did.  It was getting warm though and Wende had trouble breathing.  We all agreed we didn’t want the ambulance.  So we all welcomed a few walk breaks and made it to the end.  We finished and were glad to be done!  Can’t wait to try and tackle it again next year.  It is a tough, hilly course!

30605_576097678796_32505968_33285467_274305_n Before the race



(that’s my new racing headband).  Cute, no?

And Happy Birthday to Susan!