Friday, May 14

Another week. Another impromptu 9.65 mile run?!

Yeah, I went for about 10miles with Ann on Tuesday.  She’s training for her half on May 23rd.  I’m running the 5k that day, and then a 10k later on for the virtual 10k/half by Running with Babes.  Then I’m going to be cheering Ann on!  yay!  Should be a fun and running filled day.  Hopefully the weather’s nice. 

Anyways, Ann is training for her half and decided she’d better get her long runs in.  So I said I’d jump in for 5miles.  Then I looked around at all the housework calling my name and thought, “Nah, I’ve got nothing else to do, I’ll do the 10 with you, should only take 2 hours out of my day right?”.  Yeah.  That’s me, I’ll think of any excuse not to put away laundry.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing laundry and having clean clothes, but putting it away…takes me a few minutes and a lot of encouragement. 

Break down by miles and pictures:


  1. 12:55 (walk break to talk to gramma)
  2. 12:14
  3. 13:58 (walk break to talk to dad)
  4. 12:48
  5. 12:02
  6. 11:05 (8:37 AP for the first 0.25 then lost sight of Ann so stopped to wait for her)  And, garmie decided to split this one up and restart cause I was standing and stopped for too long.
  7. 14:26
  8. 14:36
  9. 14:05
  10. 10:21 (walked during this but ran it in the low 9’s)
  11. (0.6) – 8:10

So, my “moving time” and AP were off.  So it did take us about 2:03 for 10miles.  Not too shabby.

Pictures!  Lynn, I’ll see you your baby birds and raise you two families of adorable baby geese’s!



Why’d I run this impromptu again?!  (at the end of the run)


Ann, finishing strong, can’t take a bad picture!


As evidenced by:  (after our run, I look pretty rooooughhh and she’s a glowy and pretty…darn you!)


I did a package of sport beans before the run.  A few more at mile 5 and a few more after.  I felt good too.  No nausea or real bad fatigue afterwards.  Can’t wait to try the gu that I won from skinny runner!

Looking forward to a 10K on Sunday.  Should get out for a run today.  And I will, eventually.  Didn’t run yesterday, was quilting all morning for quilt club then cleaned and made dinner in the afternoon.  Worked 12hr on Wed, so no run then.  I ran on Monday with Tiffany!!!  Finally!  Looking forward to more runs this summer now that she’s almost done with classes for a little while!

A few giveaways:

Skinny runner’s giving away zensah socks!  OOOhhh.  Hopefully I win this one.

Julie’s has a huge first giveaway!  Tons of prizes.

Thanks ladies!  Happy entering to all!


teacherwoman said...

You guys both look great! Nice impromptu run!

Sarah said...

Putting clothing away is totally overrated! The run was a good choice ;-)

Julie said...

Good luck to you with your 10K today!! You posted some great pictures:) Nice work on your run...keep it up!

X-Country2 said...

Good luck with that 10k. I sent you an e-mail too. :o)

Lauren said...

wooo hoooo great job! I can't believe you can "impromptu" 10 miles. That's nutso!

Lynn said...

haha, cute baby geese! we have some (& ducks) here in our neighborhood too, but they live around the lakes so I don't see them as much! But they sure are CUTE!!

congrats on the 10k, too!!!