Monday, May 24

Another race.

Otherwise known as a “hot mess”.

I did do the virtual 10K with Racing with Babes on Saturday.  It was at the gym and it was a good run.  Not my best, but I’m sick again this week (trying out a new antibiotic since obviously the last two rounds didn’t cut it out).  I finished in 1:08:00…I think I did my math right.  I had to stop and pee (surprise) after the 1st mile and I think I did that one slow.  Tiffany used her nike ipod+ to track us and it was pretty right on track with our usual pace so I’ll take it.  Here are a few pictures, hard to take them while on the treadmill at the gym without looking like a creeper!

This is me before the start, this was the ‘rock your socks’ 10K so I' sported my neon green socks.


Hot for at the gym, let me tell you!  I’ve worn these once before in a race.  (No, I did not wear the tutu to the gym.)

29649_428676065812_719835812_5716479_7092567_nSo supa fast!

29649_428675980812_719835812_5716477_7023996_nDone! (and sweaty!)


Sunday I ran the Council Bluffs 5K and then gambled while I waited for my friend Ann to finish her FIRST HALF!  I’m sorry I didn’t run this with her.  But I’m glad I didn’t cause it was like running through a sauna yesterday. 92% humidity at the start, at 7am.  Then 1/2way through my race the sun came out and now it was hot and humid!  Yuck.  Needless to say, not my best performance!  I ran it in 34:04, 10:58AP.  At least I ran under 11min pace with all the walking I did.  SO easy to walk during a race once you’ve done it once.  I should remember not to walk then I won’t be tempted to later on.  Oh well, I never learn.

Mile 1: 9:26

Mile 2: 11:26

Mile 3: 11:57

Mile 0.14: 1:11

Here are some pictures:

P5220257Wende and I, post race.  I told you it was hot!

So a note about the outfit, I met up with CC2 at this race.   I thought, what shirt to wear, well I’ll just wear the one that has my name on it, that’ll help her find me!  I emailed her the morning of and told her “You look for the neon green tutu.  I’ll look for the pregnant chick!”.  And, it worked.  1st highlight of the morning, meeting this lovely lady:

P5220256    We talked for a few minutes after the race (in which she and the ninos smoked me!).  She’s so nice!  It was fun to meet up with someone.  Although, it’s hard to explain to my other friends that I’m meeting up with someone I’ve never met, but that I kinda know because “I follow their blog”.  You get a lot of strange looks!

Wende and I knew we had some time to kill.  Found the food, the indoor restrooms again.  I declared I wanted to “gamble in my tutu” so we did that as well!  (the race started and ended outside of a casino!) Second highlight of the morning!

29649_428666845812_719835812_5716119_651006_nThat was a fun way to spend a 1/2 hour.  And, Wende broke even and I won five dollars!

29649_428675770812_719835812_5716469_6202472_nBack outside, waiting for Ann to finish.  Recognize this cutie?  She’s Ann’s daughter who saw me after my half!


There she is! 


Looking really strong!

29649_428675165812_719835812_5716428_5477415_nWith her hardware!  Third highlight of the morning, watching my friend complete her first half and screaming my head off!


All of us.  Wende and I did some shopping on Saturday after picking up our race packets.  Went to the mall, found these super cute headbands! 

Sunday night, Ann, her hubby and kiddo, Rich (friend) and Brian and I had a cookout at the lake we trained on.  Here are some photos from there:

So.  This headband I also got Saturday, without remembering I had this dress in my closet, I think it matches, no?


So, this photo happened without my knowledge, I thought we were being all cute and smiley:

27949_428891410812_719835812_5724541_2098643_n27949_428874925812_719835812_5724091_1553223_nThat’s better!  (but the first one cracked me up!)

Then everyone took turns being funny and trying to peek in blouses:



Cutie pie, again:


Here’s the final picture of Ann and I:

Had a great weekend!  How was yours?


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Oh my god, it was hot! I think that's going to the theme of everyone's posts about their weekend runs. I mean, I love summer but did it have to come out of nowhere??

I love your race outfit! Where did you get such a cute shirt with your name on it?

And that photo of your man looking down your dress is hilarious!

X-Country2 said...

Did you really gamble in that awesome tutu? You're so funny. Congrats to your friends too! They really did have the best cheerleader. :o)

It was great to meet you, and we'll have to get together again some time for sure!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness we saw you yesterday at the race and my sis-in-law commented how we needed to wear tutus next time (there are 3-5 of us that run together depending on who is pregoos, available, etc...). So cute! I must agree it was the hottest race ever! Talk about humidity coming out of nowhere. Brutal. Congrats to all that finished.

Jamie said...

What a weekend! Nice job on all the running! I love those socks and that shirt. So cute!

Courtney said...

You know what I tell myself when I want to walk during a race?
"Slow down as much as you want, but don't walk!"
I know exactly what you mean about how easy it is to walk again once you've done it once. It's also hard to start running again once you lose the momentum.

Julie said...

Hi Kelly,
Nice job on your virtual race! You posted a ton of great pictures that were fun to look at.

Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Hey Kelly! I am catching up on your blog because I haven't read it in months!! First off, props to you, wearing thigh-highs at the gym! I also didn't know that you and Wende gambled while waiting for me to finish!! And the pics of us looking down each other's shirts are hilarious!!