Monday, May 24

Another race.

Otherwise known as a “hot mess”.

I did do the virtual 10K with Racing with Babes on Saturday.  It was at the gym and it was a good run.  Not my best, but I’m sick again this week (trying out a new antibiotic since obviously the last two rounds didn’t cut it out).  I finished in 1:08:00…I think I did my math right.  I had to stop and pee (surprise) after the 1st mile and I think I did that one slow.  Tiffany used her nike ipod+ to track us and it was pretty right on track with our usual pace so I’ll take it.  Here are a few pictures, hard to take them while on the treadmill at the gym without looking like a creeper!

This is me before the start, this was the ‘rock your socks’ 10K so I' sported my neon green socks.


Hot for at the gym, let me tell you!  I’ve worn these once before in a race.  (No, I did not wear the tutu to the gym.)

29649_428676065812_719835812_5716479_7092567_nSo supa fast!

29649_428675980812_719835812_5716477_7023996_nDone! (and sweaty!)


Sunday I ran the Council Bluffs 5K and then gambled while I waited for my friend Ann to finish her FIRST HALF!  I’m sorry I didn’t run this with her.  But I’m glad I didn’t cause it was like running through a sauna yesterday. 92% humidity at the start, at 7am.  Then 1/2way through my race the sun came out and now it was hot and humid!  Yuck.  Needless to say, not my best performance!  I ran it in 34:04, 10:58AP.  At least I ran under 11min pace with all the walking I did.  SO easy to walk during a race once you’ve done it once.  I should remember not to walk then I won’t be tempted to later on.  Oh well, I never learn.

Mile 1: 9:26

Mile 2: 11:26

Mile 3: 11:57

Mile 0.14: 1:11

Here are some pictures:

P5220257Wende and I, post race.  I told you it was hot!

So a note about the outfit, I met up with CC2 at this race.   I thought, what shirt to wear, well I’ll just wear the one that has my name on it, that’ll help her find me!  I emailed her the morning of and told her “You look for the neon green tutu.  I’ll look for the pregnant chick!”.  And, it worked.  1st highlight of the morning, meeting this lovely lady:

P5220256    We talked for a few minutes after the race (in which she and the ninos smoked me!).  She’s so nice!  It was fun to meet up with someone.  Although, it’s hard to explain to my other friends that I’m meeting up with someone I’ve never met, but that I kinda know because “I follow their blog”.  You get a lot of strange looks!

Wende and I knew we had some time to kill.  Found the food, the indoor restrooms again.  I declared I wanted to “gamble in my tutu” so we did that as well!  (the race started and ended outside of a casino!) Second highlight of the morning!

29649_428666845812_719835812_5716119_651006_nThat was a fun way to spend a 1/2 hour.  And, Wende broke even and I won five dollars!

29649_428675770812_719835812_5716469_6202472_nBack outside, waiting for Ann to finish.  Recognize this cutie?  She’s Ann’s daughter who saw me after my half!


There she is! 


Looking really strong!

29649_428675165812_719835812_5716428_5477415_nWith her hardware!  Third highlight of the morning, watching my friend complete her first half and screaming my head off!


All of us.  Wende and I did some shopping on Saturday after picking up our race packets.  Went to the mall, found these super cute headbands! 

Sunday night, Ann, her hubby and kiddo, Rich (friend) and Brian and I had a cookout at the lake we trained on.  Here are some photos from there:

So.  This headband I also got Saturday, without remembering I had this dress in my closet, I think it matches, no?


So, this photo happened without my knowledge, I thought we were being all cute and smiley:

27949_428891410812_719835812_5724541_2098643_n27949_428874925812_719835812_5724091_1553223_nThat’s better!  (but the first one cracked me up!)

Then everyone took turns being funny and trying to peek in blouses:



Cutie pie, again:


Here’s the final picture of Ann and I:

Had a great weekend!  How was yours?

Sunday, May 16

Papillion 10k

Who knew this course would be so hilly?  I should have looked at the elevation chart/course map a little more before just signing up cause they had tech tee shirts.  Well, that’s not the only reason I signed up.  I wanted to have a mini goal after the half.  So I couldn’t just stop running all together.  Just signed up for the Memorial day 5miler, which I ran last year about a week before surgery.  So that’ll be fun!

This race, I work up LATE!  Race started at 7:40, about 15minutes away from my house.  Not too sure what parking was going to be like.  I wanted to wake up at 6:00, leave around 6:15, 6:30 cause you could pick up your packet between 6:30-7am.  I woke up at 6:41!  Yikes.  Brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, grabbed garmie, gatorade, and sports beans, license $5 and my phone and I was off! Drove there slightly over the speed limit and arrived at 7:05.  Yeah.  They were still parking people and it was really easy to get too, thank goodness!  I was able to pick up my packet and get it back to my car before the race started.  But no real time to get to the BR.  This would come back to haunt me.  I grabbed a quick swig of berry rain gatorade and three sports beans cause I was starving.  I haven’t been this tired for the start of a race for a while.  1/2 marathoners started at 7:30, and we started at 7:40 two hundred yards behind them. 

I was thankful for those two hundred yards as we started out, I was able to bank some time (those two hundred yards were downhill) before heading up hill.  These weren’t itty bitty hills you were over and done with quickly.  These were those long slow really feel ‘em kinda hills.  Killa. 

Mile splits:

  1. 9:54 (that includes the uphill!)
  2. 11:26 (more hills, I won’t even write this cause each mile had hills!)
  3. 11:02
  4. 11:36
  5. 11:27 ( walked as we approached this mile, this gal came up behind me who I’d been leap frogging and said “I want to finish this without walking.  Help me out!” and I was running again.  Thanks Breea!)
  6. 13:03 (slowly winding our way up a big hill)
  7. (0.24) – 2:29 10:42AP

Total time:  1:11:58 11:31 AP. Why does my Avp moving pace say 11:18?  I know garmie lost me cause we went through a tunnel, is that where those times are off?  Oh well, at least I have garmie. 

Here’s some photos:


What’s that on the red ribbon?  Oh yeah, they gave out medals!  I got my medal from a special Olympian, cause that was one of the causes this race supported.  I made sure to give them all a big thank you.  I finished the race with Breea, I was very thankful she pushed me that last mile!  The announcer even announced our names as we crossed the finish line.  Very cool.


Ignore the fact that my engraving is a sticker.  I’m still proud of my new hardware.


What’s that, free popcorn with nobody manning the booth?  Don’t mind if I do!


Why is it that during a race you feel awful and think that you’re doing the best you can.  But when you’re done you think “I totally could have pushed it a little more!”.  I always have kind of a race regret afterwards.  During the race though, I feel like I’m giving it my all.  Strange, no?

Friday, May 14

Another week. Another impromptu 9.65 mile run?!

Yeah, I went for about 10miles with Ann on Tuesday.  She’s training for her half on May 23rd.  I’m running the 5k that day, and then a 10k later on for the virtual 10k/half by Running with Babes.  Then I’m going to be cheering Ann on!  yay!  Should be a fun and running filled day.  Hopefully the weather’s nice. 

Anyways, Ann is training for her half and decided she’d better get her long runs in.  So I said I’d jump in for 5miles.  Then I looked around at all the housework calling my name and thought, “Nah, I’ve got nothing else to do, I’ll do the 10 with you, should only take 2 hours out of my day right?”.  Yeah.  That’s me, I’ll think of any excuse not to put away laundry.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing laundry and having clean clothes, but putting it away…takes me a few minutes and a lot of encouragement. 

Break down by miles and pictures:


  1. 12:55 (walk break to talk to gramma)
  2. 12:14
  3. 13:58 (walk break to talk to dad)
  4. 12:48
  5. 12:02
  6. 11:05 (8:37 AP for the first 0.25 then lost sight of Ann so stopped to wait for her)  And, garmie decided to split this one up and restart cause I was standing and stopped for too long.
  7. 14:26
  8. 14:36
  9. 14:05
  10. 10:21 (walked during this but ran it in the low 9’s)
  11. (0.6) – 8:10

So, my “moving time” and AP were off.  So it did take us about 2:03 for 10miles.  Not too shabby.

Pictures!  Lynn, I’ll see you your baby birds and raise you two families of adorable baby geese’s!



Why’d I run this impromptu again?!  (at the end of the run)


Ann, finishing strong, can’t take a bad picture!


As evidenced by:  (after our run, I look pretty rooooughhh and she’s a glowy and pretty…darn you!)


I did a package of sport beans before the run.  A few more at mile 5 and a few more after.  I felt good too.  No nausea or real bad fatigue afterwards.  Can’t wait to try the gu that I won from skinny runner!

Looking forward to a 10K on Sunday.  Should get out for a run today.  And I will, eventually.  Didn’t run yesterday, was quilting all morning for quilt club then cleaned and made dinner in the afternoon.  Worked 12hr on Wed, so no run then.  I ran on Monday with Tiffany!!!  Finally!  Looking forward to more runs this summer now that she’s almost done with classes for a little while!

A few giveaways:

Skinny runner’s giving away zensah socks!  OOOhhh.  Hopefully I win this one.

Julie’s has a huge first giveaway!  Tons of prizes.

Thanks ladies!  Happy entering to all!

Friday, May 7

Wednesday, May 5

Race Report – PR!

That title’s for you Cross Country!  :D 

But really, I do have a race report and it does include a PR!

Last night I ran for 45 minutes at the gym.  First run since the 1/2.  It was painful.  Slow, and painful.

The reason I did this was because I didn’t want my race tonight to be the first run since the 1/2.  That, and I want to keep up my fitness!  I ran the Cinco de Mayo run put on by a running store here in town.  I thought I was going to be by my lonesome.  But after texting and calling around, I got four people to do it with me!  It was a casual race.  We did have numbers but no chips, no real start line.  By the time we got back there was a clock up though.  We all started it together then thinned out.  I ended up running it with a gal I’d met a few times before.  Amy.  Wende ended up running most of it by herself, I think.  And Ann and Laura ended up finishing mostly together at the end.  I knew we were running fast.  Faster than I usually run comfortably.  But that’s the idea when you’re trying to pr.   I guess.  In the end I told Amy to pull ahead and go for it.  We were both trying to break 30minutes.  I watched the clock flip over to 30 and lost a little steam.  Bummer.  I think I ended up finishing about 30:17.  Still a PR and SO CLOSE to 29:xx.  Sometime.  I think I feel like it’s getting closer.  This race, for instance, was 3 days after my 1/2 and I still ran a PR!  YAY!


Ann, Me, Wende, Laura (her first race, and she rocked it!), and Amy.

Here’s a picture of me finishing that Maverick 4K a few weekends ago.  Don’t I look thrilled to be done?  :D

just after this finish

Monday, May 3

Second 1/2 Marathon!

I ran the Lincoln National Guard 1/2 Marathon again this year.  Again, it was a lot of fun, tons of crowd support and only a few big hills! 


I don’t know what I’m doing with my right leg here, but I’m pretty sure Tiffany said “pose!”  So I did.

I did have to run the race without Garmie.  And I’m on the phone now (after waiting over 15mintues on hold!) with the Garmin representative.  I think I may have to turn Garmie in for a warranty exchange?  We’ll see, I’m back on hold now…  Anyways I was running this by feel alone.  I waited at the start by myself as hubby went back to the car to go find a spot around the 1/2 way point. 

Mile 1-2.5 were uneventful.  I was passed a lot, but I expected that as it was pretty crowded and I wasn’t able to jump in line with my true pace group.  I tried not to let the passing get me down.  There was a big hill before the 2.5mile mark but there were tons of people out on their lawns cheering us on.  I had my name on my shirt so I was pretty much a crowd favorite.  It helped that I was the only one racing with a tutu on.  I was known as “that TUTU girl!”  or, “Don’t mess with my TUTU!”, or, “You rock that thing, go tutu girl!”.  There were tons of comments from people behind me “That is so cute”.  “we’ll have to do that next year!”.  I even had one gal take a picture of me!  I had “LET’S HAVE FUN!” Duct taped on my back and kinda forgot about it.  So I was also getting a lot of “I like your attitude” comments.  Which puzzled me I thought, “They must really like the tutu!” but then I remembered my little saying.  I had thought of putting “Go Faster!” on the back but then I figured I wouldn’t be the fastest out there so it might be a little misleading to put that on there.  I didn’t want to get made fun of.  I saw Kayla (from last weeks Maverick race) and she passed me.  My friend Billy, who was running his second marathon in three weeks keeping pace with the 4:30 pacers.  Doing a great job.  So that was all fun.  Mile 2.5 was the first water stop and I allowed myself to walk through and grab water.  They even had cups with straws and lids which was helpful.

2.5-10.0 I concentrated on not walking which was surprisingly easy, no big hills here and still plenty of crowds/people cheering.  Took a little more water, gatorade, and water again at mile 5.0.  Knowing I would see my hubby around mile 6-7 was great.  Around mile 7 I started dragging.  I took a cliff shot in chocolate and washed it down with water.  I wish I’d grabbed two waters cause one wasn’t enough!  I had that vitamin-y after taste for the next 2.5.  I ended up seeing hubby at mile 8.25ish and gave him a big kiss and said I’d see him at the finish line.    I really hadn’t walked at all.  I remember passing landmarks that I had walked by and been so frustrated at last year.  Like the tree where I stopped to stretch last year and knew that my leg was really hurting, before mile 7 when I walked about the whole mile.  I was thinking “look at me, I’m running by you now!  Take that!”. 

After mile 10.  I was tired.  Still a little sluggish, there was a big hill at mile 9 and I’d allowed myself to walk up the last half of it.  I was a little disappointed.  I allowed myself to walk up the last big hill at mile 11 too.   But after that hill I had a hard time starting running again.  I know it was the hills I wasn’t used to, but legs were lead.  At mile 12 I knew I only had a mile to go and ran/jogged :D the rest of the way.  We ran down past the stadium and had to pull a u turn to get back to the entrance to the stadium where we were finishing at the 50 yard line of Lincoln Memorial stadium.  When I passed under the inflatable that said “Mile 26” I knew I was really close and started to pick up speed.  I started hearing someone in the crowd a head of me start screaming “KELLY! YOU CAN DO IT!  YOU LOOK GREAT!  SPRINT TO THE FINISH!”  It was TIFFANY!  And her daughter with a huge poster in red screaming and cheering.  I smiled bigger than I’d smiled all day and attempted to pass a few people ahead of me.  But the guards kept telling me to stay to the right and I didn’t have enough room to pass them all and sprint my way to the finish like I was hoping.

The finish line was nothing like last year!  Last year I ran across the finish and was immediately greeted by Brian and Tiffany.  It was wonderful.  While this was an experience to be able to go through the stadium, I missed being able to see my family and friends right away.  I was escorted to the place where they had food waiting, there were multiple exits.  I walked for what felt like an hour until some nice gal and her family let me borrow her cell phone to call Brian so he could find me.  I was so grateful, turns out he had given them directions and stood with them around mile 8.25 so they knew he’d been looking for his wife in the tutu and spotted me and let me use their phone.  I was beyond grateful.  Turns out Brian and Tiffany were walking around as well and had even gone to the infirmary to look for me!  We took some pictures (below) and then went back to the hotel.  I showered up and we met a friend and his daughter for lunch before heading out of town.  Before heading out of town though, I grabbed a baskin robbins peanut butter and chocolate in a dish.  MMM.

My time was 2:37:10 chip time.  I was starting to get disappointed but Tiffany and Wende talked me out of  it.  I still PR’d.  Yeah it wasn’t a stellar time like I thought I was getting.  But I had such amazing crowd support and a great time running the race.  I hope I’m able to do it again next year!  I was amazed at how much better I felt after this race than last year’s!  I was properly trained and ready for this race!  That’s a lot of sentences ending with !  Sorry!  :D  I had a great day and wore my medal when I went out to dinner with Brian’s family too.  My legs are sore today but I can still get around.  I slept for about 9 hours last night and took an hour long nap yesterday afternoon. 

Hope everyone’s weekends were amazing!   I’m off to mail in Garmie and get a replacement.  Sad… but wonderful they’re replacing it!

A few pictures:

Tiff, Cela and I

Tiffany and Cela even got matching Lincoln Marathon shirts and wore them in honor of me!  Aw!

30826_421189635812_719835812_5540002_3086680_nAnother cute one of us three girls.  Thanks again Tiffany!

30826_421189215812_719835812_5539988_6521312_nMe and the hubby.  :D



My friend’s two year old who also wore her “pretty ballerina” out to lunch.  Don’t worry I took mine off before going inside.  I couldn’t steal her cuteness thunder!