Monday, April 12

Triathlete x3!

Hey all.  My third triathlon was a huge success!   I haven’t got the official results to see where I “placed” but I improved or stayed about the same in all areas!  Here are my first and second attempts. 

First swim: 17 lengths

Second swim: 13 lengths

This swim: 17 lengths!!!  AH!

First bike: 9 miles (worst)

Second bike (timer didn’t work for a few minutes at the start and they added distance to make up for it): 13

This bike: 10.2 (yay double digits!)

First run:  2.21 (so far the best)

Second run: 1.85

This run: 2.01 (not the best but still really good!)


I am really pleased with my performance.  Can’t wait to see how it stacks up! 

At the post race party/food stuffs.  I got my bib number into a bag with one other girl from my heat which meant I had a 50/50 shot of winning a prize.  And, I won!  I immediately grabbed a RoadID gift certificate!  Thanks for the sponsorship guys!  And I went online to buy this beauty in yellow!  I’ve included (along with name phone numbers and location), that I can’t have Naproxen and that I’m an organ donor (hopefully it’ll never come to that, but that’s what it’s there for).  I also got the original version and not the interactive one.  Yay! 

Spent the rest of my Sunday at the ball game cheering on the Omaha Royals (our AAA farm team) and then a night of pizza, sips of Baileys, and board games with friends!  Great weekend!


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Great job on the tri!

My gym holds indoor tris in the winter. Maybe I'll do it next year and we can all laugh at how bad I am at swimming!

Suzino said...

Great job! I'm very happy that you're continuing with your tri-efforts!

Also to answer your question about my balcony, the longer was $45 at target, but i had a $5 off home good coupon which i'm placing on that.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on your 3rd triathlon!

Ann said...

Nicely done, Kelly! Your swimming totally paid off!!

Ann said...

Nicely done, Kelly! Your swimming totally paid off!!

MJ said...

Nice job! :) I've considered doing a tri next year make it sound fun! :) Congrats on the Road ID, I just ordered my first one.

X-Country2 said...

Awesome job! You're a rock star.