Friday, April 30

It’s been a while.

I’m sorry.  But things to tell you:

1) I ran two races last weekend, a 5K on Saturday and a 4K on Sunday.  Both were fun races.  Didn’t win any door prizes and certainly didn’t win any awards.

2) (and most of the reason I’ve been absent) – I’ll be running this half sick again!  I woke up with horrible abdominal pain, figured it was another UTI (I was right).  I’m on a course of antibiotics for 7 days.  Supposed to be 3, but the ua came back so icky they decided to extend it by four more days.  Yippee! 

3) I hadn’t run since Sunday cause I’ve been sick (I even called into work on Monday evening.  Hard to do your job when you’re peeing every 15minutes!).  I tried to run today and had to stop after 5minutes to pee.  Not a good sign.

4) Garmie is DEAD!  SOMEBODY help me!  I don’t think I can run this race without it!  I try the master reset and all I get is a black line that goes away as soon as I stop holding one of the two buttons.  HELP!  Of course I was out and about today and didn’t get home in time to call Garmin support.  Grr. 

5) I’ve got neon green nail polish and duck tape to match my tutu.  I’m thinking of labeling my shirt with the tape.  Fun, no? 

6) Hubby got Sunday off, he’s the best!  So we’ve booked a room some where in Lincoln and he’ll be my chauffer and supporter for the race!  yay. 

Now off to clean and get my race gear set up.  I’m heading over to the expo tomorrow morning and then driving back and packing while waiting for hubby to get home so we can head out to Lincoln again.  (45min drive).  I know it’s not horrible but I’m excited about being able to stay close to the race.


I didn’t take any pictures at the 5K (I was by myself).  I think the 5K I finished in just over my pr.  With my mile splits like this:

Mile 1: 9:18 (I know!)

Mile 2: 10:36 (I walked a minute at the water stop during the turn around.  A whole minute and I still clocked a 10:36 – yeah!)

Mile 3: 10:05

Mile .1 .23(?!): 2:02 (8:45 pace)


Pictures from our 4K.


Wende and I during the 4k.  We beat one of the girls running behind us.  The girl in the purple tank out kicked us.  Way to go girl.


Wende and I after the run.  We finished in around 30minutes.  Not a blazing fast 4k, but a really fun one!


Me, Wende, Amy and Kayla (Amy and Kayla are girls I work with.  They both placed in their age groups- show offs).  I’ll have you all notice, I’m holding up a half eaten cookie.  I’m all about the sweets during the post race celebrations!


post race outfit.  running skirt over sweats and keens.  My feet were thanking me cause my running shoes were soaking wet and cold!


The Smith Family said...

Congrats on the races, yay! Keep up the good running--it motivates me to get off my fanny!:) I hope you're feeling better, ugh, that just stinks! And in our line of work you're right--no time to go pee whenever you need. Does cranberry juice ever help? I've wondered if that's just a myth.

Lauren said...

Congrats on teh race! Sorry you're not feeling well that stinks :(

Bootchez said...

Congrats on your races -- that's a pretty damn fast 5k!

I am so with you on the bladder issues, omg don't get me started. I pee all the damn time when I run, which is why I'm a trail runner. You've got my sympathies!

Jamie said...

I hope you feel better soon! Congrats on the two races and I hope the half went well!

Claudia said...

congrats on the races, two in one weekend!!
Sorry to hear about UTI!!
hope you feel better soon