Tuesday, April 20

Another 10K! And a 10mile training run.

Warning: sorry for the blurry cell phone photos.  They really look great on my phone, I swear!

So, on a whim, I decided to run a 10K on Saturday.  My friend Wende decided (with a little arm twisting from me and her running boyfriend) to run it with me. 

We got lost on the way there so I was glad we left early and were car pooling.  

mcgeesWe parked behind this little bar (named McGees) (it was 8:30 in the morning and the race started at 9) we were having trouble finding the lake that the race was run around.  27038_416568855812_719835812_5428891_4651926_s

We were parked behind that white roofed building and this was the street we were meant to turn on.  THIS close!  We laughed when we realized how close we actually were.  (cell phone pics by the way, sorry!)

We showed up and registered.  Got a shirt in just about the right size, bonus.  Found out we were supporting a local Christian school.  Double bonus.  I saw they had post race donuts on hand.  YESSS!  We lined up and they had a gun to start us off.  Although, no tape, no start line…just people lined up to start.  It was wonderful.  There were maybe 20-25 people in the “race” and there were students from the school (we assumed) manning every water stop (about every mile).  

It was Wende’s first 10K and we rocked it!  We ran about 3-4miles with the last two of those ran into the wind.  Which you know is hard.  So we walked a little.  Talked a lot and finished in about 1:15ish.  Very nice.  Very fun run!

We got to the table and the gals had put away the donuts.  I put up a pout finding out they thought no one would have wanted the donuts and they had put them under the table.  So they pulled them out for me and we grabbed a donut and a Gatorade and headed to the car to walk a bit and find our phones.  We walked back to the table to ask one of the nice ladies to take our pictures after finishing our first 10K together.  This guy behind us said , “Do you want me to set up the tape and you can run through it?”.  Um, why yes, stranger, yes we would!  Behold the best post race photo ever:

27038_416570110812_719835812_5428906_6397909_s Ugh.  Maybe I should run with my camera instead of my phone, huh?

I took the morning off on Sunday and worked Sunday evening.  Monday I set out for my 10miler.  I wanted one more before the 1/2 on May 2nd.  Here’s my run in pictures…26127_417599900812_719835812_5457873_5716782_s On the way, at a stop light. I do not drive and photo myself while driving, duh.

Pre fuel:26127_417600335812_719835812_5457927_1903378_s A few swigs of this.

After one mile, I’m holding up a finger (a polite one) to mark the occasion.   Took this while running…that’s why you can’t see my #1.


Mile 2, still feeling good:


Around mile 3-4 I knew I’d started out too fast and was not hydrated enough cause I started getting that thick ropey saliva that makes you nauseous when you swallow…felt like this:


After mile 5 I returned to my car, polished off some more of the Gatorade and the last 3/4 of the cliff shot in chocolate.  Made a few disparate phone calls for motivation.


Game face.  Gotta do it.  How will I feel race morning when all I had was that walk run of a 12miles?

Mags (my sister) texted me “you can do it” and I was off.      26127_417598470812_719835812_5457832_8281140_sI texted her back this photo, but I was in pain.  Feeling ugh.  Knowing that I was getting this done though was good.   I walked a few times.  Disappointed.  But happy that when I was in my “pace” I was running 10:10-10:40.  Just couldn’t hold it for very long. 

Wishing my car was closer by:


Coming up to the last hill, I walked it.  I’m not ashamed:

26127_417597235812_719835812_5457687_2799592_sMeh.  I got 10.1 ish miles and my Garm-ie was off.  After 2.75miles ish it stopped, started itself over and pissed me off.  When I paused for a photo later, it didn’t restart for a while after I had been walking/running for a few minutes.

26127_417596880812_719835812_5457661_6070318_sShowed that 10miles who’s boss!  On the couch, sipping Gatorade.  This is how I spent the rest of the afternoon:


   Cat on my lap, romance-y novel, feet up on the deck.  Yeah.


Mile splits were funky, thanks Garm-ie.  Here’s what I have:

  1. 10:48
  2. 10:24
  3. 11:17
  4. 10:56
  5. 11:16
  6. 12:52
  7. 13:09
  8. 13:59
  9. 11:00
  10. 13:01

I’m not sure how correct those are, but I know it was a little over 10miles which is good enough for me.  Look at those first two speedy-ish miles!


jen said...

Congrats on the 10k and the 10 miler!! Wowza. A great couple of runs for ya. I love the pictures- the "finish line" one is AWESOME and the mile photos from your long run are so fun! I should do that sometime. Great job out there K! :)

Jamie said...

Yea for last minute 10K's! Love the pic of you two at the end! And nice job on the miler!!!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the 10K and way to push through and perservere through that 10 miler! AWESOME!

X-Country2 said...

Love the 10 miles in pictures. It's like I was there. :o)

kilax said...

I've made the tongue out while running face many times during the summer! Great job on the 10 miler AND 10k! I love the "crossing the finish line" photo :)

Lindsay said...

Love all the pictures along the way! I am a new runner and am training for a half in August! So fun to read about your training

Lauren said...

wow great job! 10k AND 10miler! w00t w00t. And man... donuts? rock on!

Five Green Penguins said...

Thanks for talking me into the 10k! I am glad we did it! Cheers to more races! :)