Saturday, April 10

12 miles?, eh?

I’m not sure if I can count this as a “run” but I did get out there and move for 12 miles.

I ran with a girl from work who I don’t normally run with.  We didn’t get out at 7:30 like I’d wanted to because, well, we felt like sleeping in.  And after a number of texts at 7:20am half asleep, we decided that 1pm would be a better time to go. 

  • Mile 1 9:51 (yikes – I know slow for her, but fast for moi!)
  • Mile 2 10:18
  • Mile 3 12:15
  • Mile 4 11:26
  • Mile 5 11:53
  • Mile 6 14:22 (this is where it starts to get embarrassing, and involving a bit lot of walking)
  • Mile 7 12:42
    Mile 8 13:21 (after this, uncharted territory this year!)
  • Mile 9 13:02
  • Mile 10 13:11
  • Mile 11 17:31 (yep, got to talking and walked this whole mile!)
  • Mile 12 12:24 (got chest pains off and on since mile 6.5ish, this is most of the reason why I walked, that and it’s SO hard to get moving again when you’ve been walking!)
  • Mile 0.05 00:57

So, that’s how it broke down.  The first two miles were flying!  But I was having a harder time talking and well, neither one of us was running with an ipod so we were relying on each other for entertainment.  I really had a good time.   It’s just one of those runs that you envisioned being “just amazing” and the running portion was “just okay/if you can call that running” you know what I mean?   After mile 6.5 ish I was having a hard time running, I think because when we were running, it was so much faster than my normal 10:30s, it was more in the low 10s to high 9s.  So, I slowed it down and walked.  Meh.  What do I expect when I haven’t really run since before my vacation?  Really?

Okay, gots to get to bed for my indoor tri tomorrow at 7:40!  I’m wave three.  Talk to ya’ll after that!


Liz said...

Sounds like you have fun on your workout! Keep it up!! :)
Cheers! L Finch

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the run! I hope the triathlon went well today!

jen said...

That absolutely can be called a RUN. A long one too! Go you!

Can't wait to hear about the tri!

Ann said...

I'll bet it was awesome to look at your Garmin and see 12.05 miles! Way to go!!!