Wednesday, March 10

off to a record week!

Well hello! Who's done a lot of running and is already up to 18.95 miles? Me! Now I know that's not a LOT of running but for me, it is. And I couldn't be more excited! I've run my 45min on the tm three times this week following a 6.1 mile run on Sunday. That's how I've gotten my mileage. And, I don't feel sore OR tired. Yet!

I'm running in another 10k on Saturday so look for a race report with lots of green! It's a chase where the girls get a head start and I'm fully prepared to run this in a tu tu! Yay girl power!

I'm getting myself to the gym tomorrow night as well for an easy breezy 2miles to make this an official marathon week! Yay!



Congrats on such a great week! Good luck in your 10K. Can't wait for the recap!

Claudia said...

Kelly you make it look so easy!
Can't wait to read your race report.
Great work!!

teacherwoman said...

That is a lot of running, girl! Way to go! Good luck this weekend with the 10k!

joyRuN said...

Good luck & have a great time at your 10k!