Friday, March 19


So. I finally got my garmie to upload onto my computer. Just had to uninstall and reinstall the ANT stick. Thanks Hubby for helping me figure that out!

I ran once this week. I kinda got a cold/allergies the middle of the week and I'm taking it easy cause I don't want to ruin Cancun. Can't wait! We leave in just a few days. One more 12hr and one more evening and I'm outta here! The one thing I don't like about vacations is that you wait for them for SO LONG and then all of the sudden they're here and then gone! Oh well. I think we're planning on packing workout clothes so that we can get some running in. (Or elipticizing in the hubby's case).

Can a run get erased by Garmin? I don't know what I did on Tuesday. But I ran with Ann and did a 10:30ish first mile and finished 2.1miles in 20:40. That's a 9:50 pace! I swear that last mile every time I looked at Garmie I was under 9minutes! WAHOO! BUT I can't find the data anywhere on Garmie! Ugh. OH well, must have pushed the wrong button or something.

Turns out my garmie splits for the 10K were as follows:

Summary 01:07:00 6.23
1 10:21
2 10:37
3 11:03
4 11:22
5 10:53
6 10:35
0.23 02:06

In case you were curious. Looking forward to a long run on Sunday! Catch ya'll later! Congrats Beginning Runner on you half finish! Enjoyed the race report!


MJ said...

nice splits! I totally agree on the vacay thing, we count down forever, then *poof* it's over! :( Hope you have a great time though!! :)

Hi! I'm Erin said...

Sometimes that silly Garmin is so frustrating! I've had to uninstall and reinstall the stick before, too.

And, yes, data on the Garmin can get erased. Do you have it set to delete workouts after they transfer to the computer? Sometimes mine thinks it has transferred but the transfer failed but it still gets deleted!

I agree about vacations! I actually just read an article that said people are happier when they are planning for the vacation than when they get back from the vacation. I believe it!

shortyontherun said...

Oooohh! I am jealous! You get your vacation pretty soon! I still have 2 months before my wedding/honeymoon vacation! As for the Gamin, I agree. When you right click on your ANT Agent software, you should be able to edit whether you want to automatically delete the workouts once they are downloaded or not. Mine were never erased until the download was successful. Hope this helps a bit!

Good job on the splits!

X-Country2 said...

I had all kinds of installation problems too, but once I got that sorted out, it worked like a dream.

kilax said...

I have had runs mysteriously disapper from my Garmin too! :(