Friday, March 5

Happy Friday!

This week:

Had a great workout with Tiffany on Tuesday. We did about 21minutes of running laps around the basketball courts at the gym. Then we did 10minutes of lunges, shuffles, and suicides. Yikes. I was sore from that one but it was a great workout! Then I headed upstairs by myself and did 25more minutes for a grand total of about 4.25miles not including the boot camp stuff we did in between! AWESOME!

Wed I worked 12hr and just didn't feel up to running after that. Thursday I had a great plan to workout super early. Got a phone call in the middle of the night (everything's okay) and couldn't really get up with my 5:45 alarm after that. Got up about 6:45, got to the gym and was ready to run about 7:15. Had a 9:00 blood draw at the drs office (just rechecking stuff from last month and it must be fine cause I haven't heard from the dr yet - no biggie) so I didn't have time to really run. I was so bummed. I was on the tm for 16 minutes, did about 1.5ish miles and called it a day. Did the shred of course, but was pretty bummed with Thursday all around.

Today, though, was a new day! I just had a great 45min run on the tm. I wore my new Champion top in lavender which yes, is long sleeve. But I was shocked! I paired it with shorts and while yes, I sweated a lot you couldn't tell. About 15minutes into the run I had the long sleeves pushed up past my elbows but the shirt really did a good job of keeping me coolish for being a warm weather top. Must be the nice "wicking" technology I've heard so much about. :D

Looking forward to a long run of about 6miles on Sunday followed by a recovery run with Tiffany on Monday. Working this weekend, so it looks like my running total for the week is going to be just over 15miles so yay. Looking forward to 20 next week.

I was talking with my running buddies about this topic. I just die when I hit the tm for more than 30minutes. I count down the time and play racing games or walk run (which I hate myself for) just to get it over with. But then after hearing an older episode of Steve Runner's podcast, he said something about when you're starting out, don't give yourself a goal mileage, just a time goal. So if I get on the tm thinking I'm going to run 5miles, I'll probably krank up the pace a wear myself out trying to get it done. When instead I could get on the tm and think "I'm going to run 45minutes". If I get 5miles done (HA!) great, if I get 3miles done, so be it. I'm there for 45 minutes. And I got to thinking that this distance would eventually get easier and faster right? So, that's my new goal, that's why I was so disappointed Thursday. What do you all think?

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Anonymous said...
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X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you're on a roll. Keep up the good work!

Paige said...

I know what you mean about running on the treadmill. It can be very boring. I usually play with the incline and try to get some hill work in. Then other times, I'll do three miles on the treadmill and then two on the elliptical...just to break it up. The treadmill serves its purpose when the weather's bad; so I try not to get too upset with it! LOL!

I'm a new follower! :)