Sunday, March 14

Another 10k in the books!

And, I unfortunately did it all by myself :/ Ann got sick this week and didn't feel up to running. But thankfully the hubby stepped up and drove me there and spectated for me! Yay.

I ran it in 1:06:57 according to the chip timing. The results were available last night! Which was awesome cause I'm really impatient! Everyone was wearing green and I liked starting ahead of all the guys. Although, that meant I got passed a lot! Starting at about 9:30min in! I'm so slow!

Brian caught me at mile one ish, informed me he had beaten me here. Ha.

I didn't run with my ipod and mostly ran by feel. I was pretty impressed I was able to keep up my pace. The course was really hilly, and steep. But I didn't walk a single step! Which was my real goal I guess. I thought at 3.1 that maybe I could PR cause it was about 31:xx and I was pretty excited. But mile 5-6 never felt so long!

Me crossing the finish line!

My one complaint was, I flew through the finish line and went to drop off my chip. I started walking and didn't see any post race grub. No bananas, bagels, cookies nada. I was bummed and hungry. For some of us this is a long run which does take over an hour! Hello!

Well we did get a free green beer cause a lass won overall but I don't like beer so I stole myself a nice cup of water. And stole the cup. Shh.

I made Brian stop at the Baskin Robbins on the way out of town cause we don't have those in Omaha. I'm not a food blogger, but I am for ice cream!
That's chocolate peanut butter on top of super fudge truffle. Which I now affectionately call, super fudge shuffle. Isn't that song in your head now? Come on Chicagoans! Bust a move!

I'm still really excited about my performance yesterday all by my self and I didn't walk! Yay! Yeah it's not a pr, but I'm not exactly trained for one either. I can't wait to do more 10Ks this season!

Today I was sore from the hills and running on the tm sounded awful. So I hopped in the pool and did 1400 yards (or 28 laps, I like it when I swim my age!). I was shooting for 30 when I was done with 25, but the hubby finished his work out early. Well maybe not early, it did take me almost 40 minutes to swim that much. (38:58 to be exact). I stopped to breathe at every 10 laps. Go me! I guess I do have another tri coming up! And Cancun!

I don't have my Garmie splits cause I'm having trouble getting my ant stick to be recognized by my computer. Does anyone else with the 405 have this trouble?

In other news, I didn't get my marathon week! Blast! Ann and I went to the gym about 9pm on Thursday (after I'd worked a 12hr) and the guy at the front desk told us Ann had been my guest too many times. We'd have to have her pay $15 to get in. She offered to pay it buy I said it was stupid to pay $15 just to run a measly 2 miles! I was hot. I asked the guy if they had sent out an email regarding the "new guest policy" (basically I can bring two guests a month as long as they're not the same person - which, I can say that no one else at the front desk must know cause Ann's gone to the gym with me every other week since January and no one's said a thing!) which came out in Nov. He said "no they're really bad about that". Come on LTF! Get with it! Grr.


jen said...

Whoo hoo! Congrats on the 10k!!

Great pace, especially on such a hilly course. Not walking at all in any distance race is a big accomplishment. Well done!!

You look adorable in that outfit. Love it!


Super job and great report! Love the outfit. I would totally rock something like that!

Morgan said...

Loving the tu-tu and all the green! Congrats on another 10k in the books girly!

Hi! I'm Erin said...

I love the outfit!!

Also, your time is stellar and that's so awesome that you didn't walk at all. Great job!

But no food after the race? How irritating!

Anonymous said...

Good job on your 10K! Love the outfit! I will be running/walking my 1st 10K in April! I can barely wait! Good job on taking the glass considering they didn't have any food! ;)

MJ said...

Congrats on the 10k!! That's an impressive outfit & time. :)

X-Country2 said...

I was so lookign forward to reading your report. Yay! You look so cute in your green tutu. Congrats on a great race.

Anonymous said...

LOve the outfit and congrats on the run

Ulyana said...


Anonymous said...

now that's what I should of worn for the half! That is the cutest little outfit!

kilax said...

Hi! I am visiting from Erin's blog!

Congrats on the 10K! I am super surprised they had nothing. Not even bananas! Ice cream does the trick though.

I would be annoyed about the guest policy too! $15 for one visit?! Yikes!

Lynn said...

Hey just found your blog! I'm doing my first 10k this weekend... training for my first half marathon which is at the end of April!! I love your outfit! I'm gonna have to run a race in a tu-tu some day!