Monday, March 22

8mile training run - done!

That's what I did this weekend. Yep. I ran 8miles. It worked out perfect. Had to work on Sunday evening so I planned to try to get it done in the morning. Wende and Amy said they couldn't make it and Ann wanted to run at 12:00 which was too late for me. So we compromised at 11. I got to the lake at 10:30 and did the first 1/2hr / 2.75miles without her. Here's me freezing. The temp started out at 29degrees and I think it was 43 or so when we finished.

I can barely smile cause my face is frozen.

I met up with Ann, and took a quick picture at around mile 3-4 ish with her.

Really I wanted an excuse to say "Let's stop...and take a photo? But excuse me while I pause my Garmie for the all important photo...I do have a blog you know. I'm kind of a big deal". just kidding. :D

With Ann I slowed it down and just enjoyed running and chatting with her. I have some major guilt about the last few Sundays with my 'running' with her. Usually it's Wende and Ann and I who run. And, inevitably Wende and I fall into a more normal pace which is faster than Ann's and we end up leaving her in the dust. Always keeping her in eye sight for safety's sake but still...I feel bad every time it happens. SO it was nice to RUN with HER. You know? At about mile 7.5 or so, I saw our last split was 12:50 and I was struggling. So I picked it back up and ran faster towards the end. I was immediately hitting low 10min miles if not faster. It felt great! My legs were thankful for the slower 3.5-4miles and felt great running fast again! What an awesome run!

Here's me on my own waiting about mile 7.5 waiting till Ann came in my sights again. - almost done!

I ended with 8.13 miles in about 1:33ish.
Mile 1: 11:10
Mile 2: 10:50
Mile 3: 11:04 (starting my run with Ann)
Mile 4: 11:50
Mile 5: 12:13
Mile 6: 12:51 (had to pick it back up here)
Mile 7: 11:40 (last 1/2mile or so on my own, I ditched Ann, sorry!)
Mile 8: 10:29 (aw, push it!)
Mile .13: 1:21 *9:34 pace!*

Yay! So glad to be done! And, Ann rocked her 5.5mile run. She's training for a 1/2 at the end of May. Thanks Ann for the run!

What a great Sunday. And the weather really turned out! Today I did a quick recovery run with Tiffany at the gym. Boo treadmills. I did about 2.69 in that time (although according to Tiffany's nike+ our 3mile mark came at the tms 2.55...oh well I moved)

ps - what's up my new followers. Looks like I have some new blogs to check out! Thanks ladies!


Lauren said...

whoo hoo! I did 8 miles this weekend too, don't you feel accomplished? :D

Lauren said...

Hey Kelly! Yay we can follow each other :D. And I believe you can choose the size of the images when you are in the blog post editing screen I believe. There should be an option either when you upload the photo or when you insert it in your blog. I actually host my photos on another site and then just link it with html so I don't know for certain. If you want more help with those just let me know. Of course, if the photos are just really small because they came from a phone I'm not sure if there's much you can do about it but i know my phone pics are much larger than that! :D

And no I didn't do a recovery run today. I tend to let my legs rest the day before and after long runs. I don't disagree with the concept I just don't practice it right now :D. Later in my training I plan on making the day after long runs a cross training day. For now I don't need to run the day after so I don't :).

Can't wait to read more posts!

teacherwoman said...

Way to go on your 8-miler! Wahoo!

kilax said...

Great job on the 8-miler! I love having friends to run with! :)

I don't "follow" (don't use blogspot) but I did subscribe! :)

Nicole said...

awesome! Great pace.

Ann said...

Thanks for the run - it was really nice to run with you!! After not running for 1 1/2 weeks, I needed a slower long run to get back into it. Also, we didn't run as slow as I thought: 11:18, 11:30, 11:42, 11:56, 12:09 and my last .5 was at a 12:22 pace, blech. Still, I good afterwards and ready for 8 miles this weekend! Going to miss you - have fun in Cancun!!!

Ulyana said...

8 miles??? That's just WONDERFUL!