Tuesday, March 23

Allright peeps.

I'm signing off for about a week. I will be here:

(I pulled these pictures from the yahoo image search...fyi, don't want to get in trouble)

See you on Thursday! Can't wait to spend the day catching up with you all. And yes, I am bringing my running shoes! :D

Monday, March 22

8mile training run - done!

That's what I did this weekend. Yep. I ran 8miles. It worked out perfect. Had to work on Sunday evening so I planned to try to get it done in the morning. Wende and Amy said they couldn't make it and Ann wanted to run at 12:00 which was too late for me. So we compromised at 11. I got to the lake at 10:30 and did the first 1/2hr / 2.75miles without her. Here's me freezing. The temp started out at 29degrees and I think it was 43 or so when we finished.

I can barely smile cause my face is frozen.

I met up with Ann, and took a quick picture at around mile 3-4 ish with her.

Really I wanted an excuse to say "Let's stop...and take a photo? But excuse me while I pause my Garmie for the all important photo...I do have a blog you know. I'm kind of a big deal". just kidding. :D

With Ann I slowed it down and just enjoyed running and chatting with her. I have some major guilt about the last few Sundays with my 'running' with her. Usually it's Wende and Ann and I who run. And, inevitably Wende and I fall into a more normal pace which is faster than Ann's and we end up leaving her in the dust. Always keeping her in eye sight for safety's sake but still...I feel bad every time it happens. SO it was nice to RUN with HER. You know? At about mile 7.5 or so, I saw our last split was 12:50 and I was struggling. So I picked it back up and ran faster towards the end. I was immediately hitting low 10min miles if not faster. It felt great! My legs were thankful for the slower 3.5-4miles and felt great running fast again! What an awesome run!

Here's me on my own waiting about mile 7.5 waiting till Ann came in my sights again. - almost done!

I ended with 8.13 miles in about 1:33ish.
Mile 1: 11:10
Mile 2: 10:50
Mile 3: 11:04 (starting my run with Ann)
Mile 4: 11:50
Mile 5: 12:13
Mile 6: 12:51 (had to pick it back up here)
Mile 7: 11:40 (last 1/2mile or so on my own, I ditched Ann, sorry!)
Mile 8: 10:29 (aw, push it!)
Mile .13: 1:21 *9:34 pace!*

Yay! So glad to be done! And, Ann rocked her 5.5mile run. She's training for a 1/2 at the end of May. Thanks Ann for the run!

What a great Sunday. And the weather really turned out! Today I did a quick recovery run with Tiffany at the gym. Boo treadmills. I did about 2.69 in that time (although according to Tiffany's nike+ our 3mile mark came at the tms 2.55...oh well I moved)

ps - what's up my new followers. Looks like I have some new blogs to check out! Thanks ladies!

Friday, March 19


So. I finally got my garmie to upload onto my computer. Just had to uninstall and reinstall the ANT stick. Thanks Hubby for helping me figure that out!

I ran once this week. I kinda got a cold/allergies the middle of the week and I'm taking it easy cause I don't want to ruin Cancun. Can't wait! We leave in just a few days. One more 12hr and one more evening and I'm outta here! The one thing I don't like about vacations is that you wait for them for SO LONG and then all of the sudden they're here and then gone! Oh well. I think we're planning on packing workout clothes so that we can get some running in. (Or elipticizing in the hubby's case).

Can a run get erased by Garmin? I don't know what I did on Tuesday. But I ran with Ann and did a 10:30ish first mile and finished 2.1miles in 20:40. That's a 9:50 pace! I swear that last mile every time I looked at Garmie I was under 9minutes! WAHOO! BUT I can't find the data anywhere on Garmie! Ugh. OH well, must have pushed the wrong button or something.

Turns out my garmie splits for the 10K were as follows:

Summary 01:07:00 6.23
1 10:21
2 10:37
3 11:03
4 11:22
5 10:53
6 10:35
0.23 02:06

In case you were curious. Looking forward to a long run on Sunday! Catch ya'll later! Congrats Beginning Runner on you half finish! Enjoyed the race report!

Sunday, March 14

Another 10k in the books!

And, I unfortunately did it all by myself :/ Ann got sick this week and didn't feel up to running. But thankfully the hubby stepped up and drove me there and spectated for me! Yay.

I ran it in 1:06:57 according to the chip timing. The results were available last night! Which was awesome cause I'm really impatient! Everyone was wearing green and I liked starting ahead of all the guys. Although, that meant I got passed a lot! Starting at about 9:30min in! I'm so slow!

Brian caught me at mile one ish, informed me he had beaten me here. Ha.

I didn't run with my ipod and mostly ran by feel. I was pretty impressed I was able to keep up my pace. The course was really hilly, and steep. But I didn't walk a single step! Which was my real goal I guess. I thought at 3.1 that maybe I could PR cause it was about 31:xx and I was pretty excited. But mile 5-6 never felt so long!

Me crossing the finish line!

My one complaint was, I flew through the finish line and went to drop off my chip. I started walking and didn't see any post race grub. No bananas, bagels, cookies nada. I was bummed and hungry. For some of us this is a long run which does take over an hour! Hello!

Well we did get a free green beer cause a lass won overall but I don't like beer so I stole myself a nice cup of water. And stole the cup. Shh.

I made Brian stop at the Baskin Robbins on the way out of town cause we don't have those in Omaha. I'm not a food blogger, but I am for ice cream!
That's chocolate peanut butter on top of super fudge truffle. Which I now affectionately call, super fudge shuffle. Isn't that song in your head now? Come on Chicagoans! Bust a move!

I'm still really excited about my performance yesterday all by my self and I didn't walk! Yay! Yeah it's not a pr, but I'm not exactly trained for one either. I can't wait to do more 10Ks this season!

Today I was sore from the hills and running on the tm sounded awful. So I hopped in the pool and did 1400 yards (or 28 laps, I like it when I swim my age!). I was shooting for 30 when I was done with 25, but the hubby finished his work out early. Well maybe not early, it did take me almost 40 minutes to swim that much. (38:58 to be exact). I stopped to breathe at every 10 laps. Go me! I guess I do have another tri coming up! And Cancun!

I don't have my Garmie splits cause I'm having trouble getting my ant stick to be recognized by my computer. Does anyone else with the 405 have this trouble?

In other news, I didn't get my marathon week! Blast! Ann and I went to the gym about 9pm on Thursday (after I'd worked a 12hr) and the guy at the front desk told us Ann had been my guest too many times. We'd have to have her pay $15 to get in. She offered to pay it buy I said it was stupid to pay $15 just to run a measly 2 miles! I was hot. I asked the guy if they had sent out an email regarding the "new guest policy" (basically I can bring two guests a month as long as they're not the same person - which, I can say that no one else at the front desk must know cause Ann's gone to the gym with me every other week since January and no one's said a thing!) which came out in Nov. He said "no they're really bad about that". Come on LTF! Get with it! Grr.

Wednesday, March 10

off to a record week!

Well hello! Who's done a lot of running and is already up to 18.95 miles? Me! Now I know that's not a LOT of running but for me, it is. And I couldn't be more excited! I've run my 45min on the tm three times this week following a 6.1 mile run on Sunday. That's how I've gotten my mileage. And, I don't feel sore OR tired. Yet!

I'm running in another 10k on Saturday so look for a race report with lots of green! It's a chase where the girls get a head start and I'm fully prepared to run this in a tu tu! Yay girl power!

I'm getting myself to the gym tomorrow night as well for an easy breezy 2miles to make this an official marathon week! Yay!

Friday, March 5

Happy Friday!

This week:

Had a great workout with Tiffany on Tuesday. We did about 21minutes of running laps around the basketball courts at the gym. Then we did 10minutes of lunges, shuffles, and suicides. Yikes. I was sore from that one but it was a great workout! Then I headed upstairs by myself and did 25more minutes for a grand total of about 4.25miles not including the boot camp stuff we did in between! AWESOME!

Wed I worked 12hr and just didn't feel up to running after that. Thursday I had a great plan to workout super early. Got a phone call in the middle of the night (everything's okay) and couldn't really get up with my 5:45 alarm after that. Got up about 6:45, got to the gym and was ready to run about 7:15. Had a 9:00 blood draw at the drs office (just rechecking stuff from last month and it must be fine cause I haven't heard from the dr yet - no biggie) so I didn't have time to really run. I was so bummed. I was on the tm for 16 minutes, did about 1.5ish miles and called it a day. Did the shred of course, but was pretty bummed with Thursday all around.

Today, though, was a new day! I just had a great 45min run on the tm. I wore my new Champion top in lavender which yes, is long sleeve. But I was shocked! I paired it with shorts and while yes, I sweated a lot you couldn't tell. About 15minutes into the run I had the long sleeves pushed up past my elbows but the shirt really did a good job of keeping me coolish for being a warm weather top. Must be the nice "wicking" technology I've heard so much about. :D

Looking forward to a long run of about 6miles on Sunday followed by a recovery run with Tiffany on Monday. Working this weekend, so it looks like my running total for the week is going to be just over 15miles so yay. Looking forward to 20 next week.

I was talking with my running buddies about this topic. I just die when I hit the tm for more than 30minutes. I count down the time and play racing games or walk run (which I hate myself for) just to get it over with. But then after hearing an older episode of Steve Runner's podcast, he said something about when you're starting out, don't give yourself a goal mileage, just a time goal. So if I get on the tm thinking I'm going to run 5miles, I'll probably krank up the pace a wear myself out trying to get it done. When instead I could get on the tm and think "I'm going to run 45minutes". If I get 5miles done (HA!) great, if I get 3miles done, so be it. I'm there for 45 minutes. And I got to thinking that this distance would eventually get easier and faster right? So, that's my new goal, that's why I was so disappointed Thursday. What do you all think?

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Monday, March 1

Hello. I went and did it. I switched to level two today! There are a lot of shoulder moves and planks..and squats! I'm not coordinated enough to do this one, I think! Well, I'm sure it'll get easier. I went back to the three pound weights, since I didn't really know what I was getting into. I'm sure I'll be a little differently sore tonight and tomorrow. But it'll be good. Looking forward to trying to do level 2 again tomorrow!

Took a rest day from running, working this evening and just wanted to have a nice morning off with the hubby. That, and there was no getting up early for us since we were at a friend's place playing board games till 1:15am! There was a lot of reminiscing of my hubby and his college buddies. But we all had a fun night. Woke up at the crack of 8:45 (ah, no kids) and did Jillian while the hubby slept in a little more. Now we're off to the grocery store and lunch before work at 3 for the both of us!

And, just cause it's Monday:

ps - I just realized that "did jillian" sounds bad out of context.