Sunday, February 28

I DO exist!

Hello there!

Busy busy busy. Every time I thought, I should blog was followed by, but I should do this instead. Meh. I'm back now.

First, I've been enjoying my first week/8 days of Shred. I skipped last Saturday and Friday because I worked 12hr and thought it was just asking a lot to do the 20minute work out on top of that. Plus, my hubby was home both nights when I got home and he didn't want to watch me workout. And, I think he thinks that shredding is for sissys or girls, cause he won't try it with me. That or he's too afraid I'll show him up! Starting a few days ago, I switched from 3lb weights to 5lb weights during circuit 2. Now I'm using 5lb weights throughout the whole routine today. Does that sound like a progression those of you that have done this program? Does it sound reasonable? Safe? I don't want to get too bulky but I want to challenge myself with my Cancun vacation coming up. I don't want to loose weight, but I do want to be more toned up in general. And this program isn't replacing my running. But I was surprised at how sore I was the first few days. Now I'm fine, it's just like a warm up to get me going in the morning. And it's SO easy being only 20minutes and I really love the circuit training, where it's strength, cardio, abs. I don't think that this cardio will replace my running or get me to loose the 20lbs promised on the box though, fo sure.

I did not do measurements, maybe I'll try that today even though it won't be as accurate. Now since I skipped last Saturday and this Friday, I've done 8/10 days. I was thinking of switching to level 2 on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous. I've got this level memorized but I think it'll be good to challenge myself a little. Do you think I should wait until I've done a full 10days at this level?

Second, running. I did my first run of the year outside yesterday! And I repeated that same route with a little extra tacked on at the end for fun. It feels SO good to be outside! I did 4.3ish miles yesterday with Ann in about 58minutes. And today did 5.25miles in 1:09:11 with Ann and Wende. In our defense, pace wise, we did have to stop and walk a few times (okay maybe more than a few) for ice.

I did get my Champion gear in the mail from Beth's contest at Shut up and Run. Very exciting. I'm waiting until I get the products all washed up before I wear them. I did a little trying on though. I think for the running jacket I should have gone a size up. The small fits but it will be a little tight for layering. The pink fleece I have worn to and from my runs this weekend. Very warm and like Beth said, probably a little to warm for running. So I left it in the car. Today we started out at 18 degrees. I wore an old Nike warm top and a nike long sleeve warmer top. Along with tights from Reebok and a hat, gloves, and neck warmer. I should have worn only my under top, it's a mock turtle neck with a kind of warm fleecey inside. Got way too warm on my run. Oh well, must have warmed up a little while we were out there. I can't wait to wear my new pants and new tech shirt next time I run outside. The tech shirt is super cute with these little flower designs down the left sleeve. And it's a lovely shade of girly violet with a v-neck that's not too low at all! Yay.

I ran about 12 miles last week and 13ish miles this week. With 5.25 today, I'm off to a good start! Happy Sunday!

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MJ said...

I'm super excited to see you're doing the Shred. I've thought about doing it but was concerned it wouldn't work or would interfere with running (ie, soreness). I'll be tuning in to see how your progress goes. :)