Monday, January 18


Thanks for the advice regarding Pilates every one! Sounds like it's a great workout, but I'm just not ready to be that committed. To get my bikini body I think I'm going to do a few "core" classes (which are free) and some pilates fusion type classes at the gym. Maybe if I know I can stick with those on a weekly basis I'll know I'm ready to graduate to something that costs and arm and a leg.

This weekend was full of great workouts!

Here's recap:

Saturday I invited Ann to go to the gym with me to swim and run. Knowing I was doing at least 6 miles on Sunday we kept it light. I swam for about 15minutes, talking a bit after 10minutes and three minutes later to give Ann some pointers on her form. Although, I don't know how qualified I am, I tried to help. But swimming is hard! She did a great job keeping up, I was impressed


We went upstairs and after some stretching, hopped on the treadmills. I got 3miles in in under 31minutes which was my goal. Not fast but not slow either. Ann did well, walking some but getting about 2.5ish miles in I think. I wasn't really keeping track. She's signed up for a 1/2 in the same month as mine, the 23rd and mine's the 2nd. I don't think I'll be doing hers with her, but we'll see how training goes. I will definitely be cheering! It'll be her first half!

After the run we, on a whim, hit up the rock climbing wall for one trip up. I made it about half way. You wouldn't believe how unnerving it is to climb up a straight wall...does that make sense?

Sunday Tiffany and I ran our 7miles. The first two were tough, but it was SO unbelievably nice to have Tiffany running by my side at the same pace, at a 1.0 incline. That incline, I tell you nearly kills me! We ran at a slow pace according to the TM but her ipod nike+ said we were running between 10:05 and 11min. So, my question to all you TM aficionados is, can you "pace" on the TM be off if you have a shorter stride? Cause doesn't the TM just count belt rotations? I know this sounds crazy. But the whole time we were running I swear it didn't feel like a 12:00min pace it felt like my normal outdoor 10ish min pace. Has anyone ever thought this about a TM? Am I crazy, did I maybe not run the 7.12 I thought and more like the 6 something the tm thought? Either way we got a long run in and I would not have been able to do it without Tiffany! We even picked it up the last mile and ran at 6.0 which was fast for that run.

7.12/1:16:00ish(the TM starts over at 60min)/10:40AP

Taking today off, hubby is still on the couch and it doesn't look like we'll make it to the gym before work! Surprise surprise! Tomorrow Tiffany and I should be doing at quick three or four miles at the gym. It's still a little too wet and icy for us to run outside.


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Oooh, if there are free Pilates-esque classes definitely do those! I used to take a class called "Core and More" and it was basically Pilates with a stability ball and some hand weights thrown in. Loved it!

When I run on a treadmill I almost always run at a pace that the treadmill says is way slower than my outdoor pace (9:45 or faster outside, 11:00 on the 'mill). I think it's because I naturally vary my pace outside and the net result is faster but on the treadmill you can't really do that.

Also, it's funny that your treadmill stops at 60. Mine at home stops at 99:999 minutes! Like, literally turns itself off. Rather jarring.

P.S. I emailed you about getting your address for the giveaway. Hopefully it doesn't end up in your spam folder!

JenLo said...

I have the same problem on the TM! The pace it says is way slower than what I run outside, but I seem to be working a LOT harder! I thought it was just because I'm not used to it?

teacherwoman said...

rock climbing can be quite the workout!