Wednesday, January 27

I know ya'll are waiting for my 8.2mile wrap up, but that's not going to happen because the run didn't happen. I know, sad face. Big "awww! Shucks!" from the crowd.

Just for kicks.

But I don't think I was ready for my marathon week. I think this is how I injured myself last year. That and being sick didn't help. But I think I ramped up my mileage too fast last year. This time last year I pulled an almost 25mile week. Too much for me. I went from the occasional 2mile run to 6,7 and 10miles all in one week.

So this year I think I'm going to do a high mileage week with a recovery week for a little while. Tiffany is still planning on running the full (crazy, it's coming up so fast!) as far as I know and I'm not. Not yet anyways, plus I'm already commited to running the half.

Today was the first run since Friday but I've been working on a quilt all week and I'm just piecing the rows together, so, go me. It's just a quick jelly roll quilt to get my confidence back. I'd been trying these projects (like cushions with zippers and I thought I could do piping! Ack!) that were just out of my league and I was getting frustrated. So I'm going to put this baby together and try those cushions again!

I ran about 3miles (treadmill said 2.52, Tiffany said 3.0, I'm going with her on this one) in about 28:30. We'll see in a few weeks how this all translates outdoors!

Meghann at the inner workings of a college graduate today, posted about her running calculator. It's McMillan's calculator to be exact. And I've seen this before, and tried to enter in a reasonable 1/2 time (2:25:00) I think I'll try to use this to gage my tempo runs and such. I'm pretty excited about it.

Off to lunch with the hubby and our friend Rich! I'm making chicken curry tonight. I thought I hated it till I made it myself. Would anyone be interested in the recipe if I decided to write it out for ya'll?

Today's a good day!

Happy Wednesday!


candlerun (htabby) said...

Me!!! :0) My son and I LOVE anything curry and he is learning how to cook so this would be wonderful... Thank you!

Good idea on the running plans.

teacherwoman said...

Great running plans!

Claudia said...

Curry is something that I just can't get used to liking... maybe it would help if I made it myself. NOT sure if hubby feels the same way, but he never liked stir fry until I started making it at home, now he can't get enough.

X-Country2 said...

SOunds like you're going abotu it the right way. Good luck!