Tuesday, January 5

Long post, sorry!

First, pics from my vaca:

Just a little background, my siblings and cousins have gone to celebrate the holidays together at the gparents house since we were little. As evidenced by this photo:

So cute right? Love it. Here's some pictures from this year:

My gorgeous sister and I at our Gparents 49th wedding anniversary.

A baby alpace from when Gma and I went to the alapca farm on NY day.

This is one in a series of family self portraits take while we were pretty schwasted on Saturday night.

Here's another I like to call it the huddle (excuse the fact that I can't look at the camera cause I'm laughing too hard)

I didn't run but I did take a few walks. Here's my dad and Uncle walking just ahead of Mags and I (Mags is my sister)

Here were my goals for 2009:

1) New 5K pr, break 30minutes maybe even 29 in 2009?!
2) Run a half marathon (officially) and I mean run it...if that goes well and I'm not preggers, maybe a full in the fall?
3) Comfortably run a 9min/mile, let that be my base by 2010. (right now I'm somewhere between 10:30 and 10).
4) Swim a mile without stopping maybe even for just one hour without stopping. Comfortably.

1) Did not PR in my 5K, in my defense, had some medical issues this year.
2) Check :D I did run a 1/2! And, due to medical issues did not run my full. And may not now, ever. It's a cool goal. But I've been doing some thinking. And, if my bladder congenital abnormality showed up after 27 years, what else is lurking in there? What if I die? I did not feel well after my 1/2 and don't think I could have pushed for another 1/2 without dying. So. With hopes of a family sooner rather than later, I'll put off the full until I'm more of a consistent runner who wouldn't train poorly (IT band issues last spring) and would rock it.
3) Well, due to a start over basically now, I'm back to 11ish miles and well, sort of proud of it. I never got my 9min mile
4) It think that at some point, I swam a mile without stopping. Certainly not comfortably.

So, with 2009 in the books and lessons learned. I'm tackling 2010. I've requested the weekend off of May 1st and 2nd in hopes to register for and run the 1/2 again! This time I'll run it when I'm not on death's door and see how that goes.

My running buddy is planning on training for the full.

1) Run Lincoln 1/2 again.
2) Speed up, safely.
3) Run 3 days a week, long runs on Sundays with the girls when it warms up.
4) Swim more consistently.
5) Bikini body (aka eat better- moderate the junk food) by March 24th (our Cancun Vacation! - our Christmas present to ourselves)
6) Get preggers. (after Cancun)

That sounds reasonable. No pressure with time goals or PRs. Sounds like fun year!

This week, I did 3miles yesterday with Tiffany. That went well, slow, but well. My legs and feet were killing me at work yesterday. I think I'm going to have to retire the old running shoes I'm wearing at work, they're worn out. So today instead of doing Tiffany's planned 4miles at the gym, I opted for crunches and squats in front of TV. That's productive right? Tomorrow I work 12 and hope to get back to the gym Thursday morning.

In the interest of helping me eat better. I will now tell you what I ate for breakfast: 1/2 Luna peppermint chocolate bar and a small (10) portion of mint m&ms. Maybe I shouldn't have left those sitting out on the coffee table last night?! Maybe... off to shower up, go to the grocery store, and CLEAN THIS HOUSE!

And finally cause I thought it was funny:


teacherwoman said...

Yay for a new year! 2010 will be great!

Morgan said...

First off I love pics! Family time is so fun and I love that ya'll have a tradition.

Second, great goals for the year, I have no doubt you will have a great one indeed!!!

X-Country2 said...

Good luck in 2010!

Ann said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you had fun. :)

Good for you for having goals and holding yourself accountable! I think I'll plan on joining you for the 1/2, even if it is in the middle of finals!

Casey @SpicyandSweet said...

CUTE blog girl! I just discovered it! :)