Tuesday, January 12


I know that I can't diet. I just don't have the will power. But when will I learn that if I decide to have just 'little' piece of brownie for breakfast (yes, cringe all you health freaks I'm a nurse with the worst eating habits!) that I'll have a bad run? And I'd love to repeat the "pain is temporary quitting is forever" mantra, but it's not pain that I'm in after that breakfast. It's nausea. Yick. I'm sure if I'd had my whole wheat english muffin with a little jam I would have felt much better. But who wants to spend the time heating it up in the toastation when you can just cut into the brownies, really?

(They looked something like this. With regular m&ms)

I know I know.

If I hadn't been in a half asleep stupor I would have realized the errors of my ways before I cut into the brownies. I can hear my mother now, "You can't just eat chocolate for breakfast, it's not good for you".

My run was 2.75 miles in about 28 minutes. No, I was under such time constraints that I couldn't stick it out another 2:30minutes to get my three miles. I swear. Well maybe I could have, but I'd already stopped to pee which really cuts into your time you know. Anyways. At least I ran, right? Right. Tomorrow will be a better eating day I swear.

I know that some of you have food logs. Now, do you have the old fashioned pencil and paper, online tracking journals, calorie counters on your iphones, or what? Give a sista some help here.

ps- another recipe I love!


Bootchez said...

Don't you work nights? Well then, "breakfast" is really a fluid concept, is it not? What *normal* people consider breakfast can really be a little snack-y type thing for us nightshifters,and really, what the hell is wrong with a little snack??

(don't look to me for diet inspiration, but if it's JUSTIFICATION you're after, then I am your girl)

Suzino said...

No i want the recipe to the brownies in the picture.

Also Liza emails me everything she eats each day...I don't respond but it works for her. You can feel free to do the same.

I keep track of what i eat on my iPod touch. Though really i just have one "big" meal a day so i'm the worst person to ask cuz i suck at eating properly.

Six small meals a day is the way to go!

Bob Hazen said...

Brownies are my weakness - shoot I make them almost every week. My mother-in-law bought me that brownie pan for Christmas (BTW it works good)

Rachael said...

whoa. I may or may not have just licked the computer monitor. Save your curiousity, it tastes like electronics.

I didn't know you're a nurse! You work nights too? I'm not a nurse, I underachieved and went for RT, but still, I feel your Brownie for Breakfast pain. I had a cadburry egg for breakfast today. they're out in stores already!

JenLo said...

I'm no diet guru, but how about a Kashi granola bar or something that you don't have to make before you head out.

jen said...

I am using Daily Plate to track my calories. I really like it!

I try to eat a really healthy breakfast including some fruit and lots of fiber, because I think it is one of the easiest meals to get in that good stuff. I'm not "craving" anything at that hour so I'll eat whatever I have planned... not so easy with dinner!

Great job on the run!!

Chic Runner said...

Those brownies look AMAZING mmmm I would have opted for one too. :) I hate tracking what I eat. I tried before and it's just too hard for me, so I think I try to make up for it when working out. :)

Jess said...

I am SO the sort of person who eats brownies for breakfast when they are available!

Suzino said...

That did not work.