Friday, January 8

Another run this evening. Stayed on the TM for 45minutes. Did 30 girlie pushups and many crunches after the run.

May I add a resolution to this year?

I am determined not to be upset or disappointed after a run.

I would normally think that this run was a failure because it took me 45minutes to run 3.6 miles. BUT. I have taken a long, long, useless break from running this winter. And, I will be starting back at square one. At least I ran and at least I stayed on the tm for 45minutes! Right? Right.

How do you go from thinking failure to success? Even when it wasn't the performance you'd hoped for?

Oh, I just checked, I ran a total of 440miles last year! Wow. I was hoping for 500, but with the illness this summer I'm really really pleased! I also swam a total of: 25878.0 Yd Wow. Go moi!


teacherwoman said...

I just need to constantly remind myself that I am ABLE to run, and need to be GRATEFUL. :)

Nice job!

Bootchez said...

Ya know, I'm of the same mind as Teacherwoman -- for so many years I considered myself *unable* to run, and that was that. Even though I have now been running for a couple years, I'm still amazed that I am out there doing it, at whatever speed or distance. However far you went, however slow you went, it's still better than sitting on the couch, thinking about how cool it would be to run.

And 3.6 miles in 45 minutes is respectable. Not lightening fast, but TOTALLY respectable.

X-Country2 said...

Go you is right!