Sunday, January 31

Chiller Challenge.

Is it bad that I wore my new (long sleeved!) tee shirt all night tonight when I didn't run in the race?

Short version, thought about going to the ER this morning for about 45minutes. Thought maybe I had appendicitis, but no N/V. Pain subsided but didn't think it was a good idea to run. So hence, no chiller challenge recap.

Still having intermittent pain. Probably going to schedule an appointment with the PCP. Yay.

I still did run about 9 miles this week! Ran another 3 after work on Thursday (go me) and 3 on Saturday with Ann at the gym.

Wednesday, January 27

I know ya'll are waiting for my 8.2mile wrap up, but that's not going to happen because the run didn't happen. I know, sad face. Big "awww! Shucks!" from the crowd.

Just for kicks.

But I don't think I was ready for my marathon week. I think this is how I injured myself last year. That and being sick didn't help. But I think I ramped up my mileage too fast last year. This time last year I pulled an almost 25mile week. Too much for me. I went from the occasional 2mile run to 6,7 and 10miles all in one week.

So this year I think I'm going to do a high mileage week with a recovery week for a little while. Tiffany is still planning on running the full (crazy, it's coming up so fast!) as far as I know and I'm not. Not yet anyways, plus I'm already commited to running the half.

Today was the first run since Friday but I've been working on a quilt all week and I'm just piecing the rows together, so, go me. It's just a quick jelly roll quilt to get my confidence back. I'd been trying these projects (like cushions with zippers and I thought I could do piping! Ack!) that were just out of my league and I was getting frustrated. So I'm going to put this baby together and try those cushions again!

I ran about 3miles (treadmill said 2.52, Tiffany said 3.0, I'm going with her on this one) in about 28:30. We'll see in a few weeks how this all translates outdoors!

Meghann at the inner workings of a college graduate today, posted about her running calculator. It's McMillan's calculator to be exact. And I've seen this before, and tried to enter in a reasonable 1/2 time (2:25:00) I think I'll try to use this to gage my tempo runs and such. I'm pretty excited about it.

Off to lunch with the hubby and our friend Rich! I'm making chicken curry tonight. I thought I hated it till I made it myself. Would anyone be interested in the recipe if I decided to write it out for ya'll?

Today's a good day!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, January 22

happy Friday!

Hey there everyone!

Boy do I feel better about my running after this week! I've run twice as much this week alone as I did in the whole month of December! I really had fallen off the band wagon, big time!

Well you know about my weekend, great!

Took Monday off, and had a sore shoulder probably from the swimming on Saturday and then all the arm swinging with the long run on Sunday? So I didn't even swim.

Tuesday I had a 3mile run with Tiffany. Slow but good. We weren't really feeling it.

Yesterday I had a 5mile run with Tiffany, without our ipods. Cause I was super mean and made her workout without hers because I'd forgotten mine! The last two miles I thought, might have killed me.

Today was another 3miler. When I was done, I told the hubby that was 18 for the week and I had another 8miles planned for Sunday morning before work. He said, why don't you make it 8.2 that'd be 26.2miles for the week? So, I just might. Hopefully you all have had good weeks. Looking forward to my chiller challenge (chickened out on the 8K and backed off to the 2mile race) next weekend!

Monday, January 18


Thanks for the advice regarding Pilates every one! Sounds like it's a great workout, but I'm just not ready to be that committed. To get my bikini body I think I'm going to do a few "core" classes (which are free) and some pilates fusion type classes at the gym. Maybe if I know I can stick with those on a weekly basis I'll know I'm ready to graduate to something that costs and arm and a leg.

This weekend was full of great workouts!

Here's recap:

Saturday I invited Ann to go to the gym with me to swim and run. Knowing I was doing at least 6 miles on Sunday we kept it light. I swam for about 15minutes, talking a bit after 10minutes and three minutes later to give Ann some pointers on her form. Although, I don't know how qualified I am, I tried to help. But swimming is hard! She did a great job keeping up, I was impressed


We went upstairs and after some stretching, hopped on the treadmills. I got 3miles in in under 31minutes which was my goal. Not fast but not slow either. Ann did well, walking some but getting about 2.5ish miles in I think. I wasn't really keeping track. She's signed up for a 1/2 in the same month as mine, the 23rd and mine's the 2nd. I don't think I'll be doing hers with her, but we'll see how training goes. I will definitely be cheering! It'll be her first half!

After the run we, on a whim, hit up the rock climbing wall for one trip up. I made it about half way. You wouldn't believe how unnerving it is to climb up a straight wall...does that make sense?

Sunday Tiffany and I ran our 7miles. The first two were tough, but it was SO unbelievably nice to have Tiffany running by my side at the same pace, at a 1.0 incline. That incline, I tell you nearly kills me! We ran at a slow pace according to the TM but her ipod nike+ said we were running between 10:05 and 11min. So, my question to all you TM aficionados is, can you "pace" on the TM be off if you have a shorter stride? Cause doesn't the TM just count belt rotations? I know this sounds crazy. But the whole time we were running I swear it didn't feel like a 12:00min pace it felt like my normal outdoor 10ish min pace. Has anyone ever thought this about a TM? Am I crazy, did I maybe not run the 7.12 I thought and more like the 6 something the tm thought? Either way we got a long run in and I would not have been able to do it without Tiffany! We even picked it up the last mile and ran at 6.0 which was fast for that run.

7.12/1:16:00ish(the TM starts over at 60min)/10:40AP

Taking today off, hubby is still on the couch and it doesn't look like we'll make it to the gym before work! Surprise surprise! Tomorrow Tiffany and I should be doing at quick three or four miles at the gym. It's still a little too wet and icy for us to run outside.

Thursday, January 14

To pilates or not to pilates?

Hey there peeps!

What do you all think of pilates?

Like on the reformer? I took this "peak into pilates" class today at the gym. It was about 1/2 private lesson/peak into pilates (hence the name). I liked it cause a) I got a whole body workout; b) I stretched!; c) it was free.

Now my mom always said that pilates was good for you and if I found a class I should take it. And I was thinking, if I signed up now and did 2-3 classes (1hr each)/week, maybe I'd be all toned and buff like the gal in the picture above for the trip?

It's extra money, cause it's a reformer class. That's kinda my dilemma. Cause, if I really really like it, will I want to shell out that kinda mula to keep going? Will I lose all the tone and fitness I gain from pilates once I'm done with my 8 or 12 week class, if I never go back?


Before the class I tried to get in a run. But I ran into another dilemma. I wanted to run but I didn't want to be that icky girl who shows up to this pilates class all sweaty and gross. So I tried hills for about 45 seconds at 6.0 incline at about 5.5 to 5.0 pace. Yeah, it's a good thing they didn't have to scrape me up off the floor. That was tough. I walked/ran/talked with Tiffany. Did the last 5minutes at a 9:40 pace which is fast for me. No laughing. But I did about 1.5 miles total in the 20minutes before the class.

So far it's been a great birthday. Off to quilt/contemplate the benefits of crunching in pilates before the trip.

ps - the recipe to the brownies in my last post

Tuesday, January 12


I know that I can't diet. I just don't have the will power. But when will I learn that if I decide to have just 'little' piece of brownie for breakfast (yes, cringe all you health freaks I'm a nurse with the worst eating habits!) that I'll have a bad run? And I'd love to repeat the "pain is temporary quitting is forever" mantra, but it's not pain that I'm in after that breakfast. It's nausea. Yick. I'm sure if I'd had my whole wheat english muffin with a little jam I would have felt much better. But who wants to spend the time heating it up in the toastation when you can just cut into the brownies, really?

(They looked something like this. With regular m&ms)

I know I know.

If I hadn't been in a half asleep stupor I would have realized the errors of my ways before I cut into the brownies. I can hear my mother now, "You can't just eat chocolate for breakfast, it's not good for you".

My run was 2.75 miles in about 28 minutes. No, I was under such time constraints that I couldn't stick it out another 2:30minutes to get my three miles. I swear. Well maybe I could have, but I'd already stopped to pee which really cuts into your time you know. Anyways. At least I ran, right? Right. Tomorrow will be a better eating day I swear.

I know that some of you have food logs. Now, do you have the old fashioned pencil and paper, online tracking journals, calorie counters on your iphones, or what? Give a sista some help here.

ps- another recipe I love!

Sunday, January 10

Another run

And it was a good one! :D

Yay. Fell asleep on the couch, again, at 10:30 last night. But the hubby did make me dinner so I did dishes before I fell asleep cause I'm nice like that. He stir fried up some onions, chicken, carrots, and 1/2 a green pepper with teryaki sauce (from a jar but it had these sesame seeds in it...fancy and good!). We served it over his new fav. sushi rice. Just plain white rice with vinegar and this simple syrup type mixture...he was cooking his choice. It makes good rice but meh it's white and I've heard brown is so much better for you so that's what I prefer.

I decided to use my early crash as a reason to get up early and get my run over with cause I have to work this afternoon (evening shift). I woke up ravenous and ate a spoon full of crunchy peanut butter as not to upset the stomach during the run. I contemplated making my English muffin and jam breakfast again but thought that would be too heavy, you know? Got to the gym and warmed up with a 5minute walk of 0.2 miles. Ran for 1 1/2 miles (17:30) and stopped to pee. Okay I technically don't like running indoors cause with all my out door workouts this summer it's become "boring!" but I do like the facilities! Then I hopped back on and completed 3.5 more miles! I ramped up the speed from 11:54 for the first mile (yikes I really eased into this one!) then to 10:34ish for the second. The next two were a solid 10:00min/mile with no breaks. Then back down to 11:54 and back up to I don't know, 8 something cause part of me just wanted to get it done. Kinda oscillated between wanting to walk and wanting to sprint the last 1/2 mile and well, anyways got it done. Got home and got some bacon going (two slices that I cut in half so it's like I had four slices...tricky I know), whole wheat English muffin, 1tbs butter approx., one fried egg. Hey, it's Sunday and that was my long run, right?

So, Danielle from 5K to marathon recently asked in a post if you were a lurker or a commenter. You know what I'm talking about. And I shamefully had to say lurker. It's not that I don't enjoy your posts but I'm kinda shy. Both in life and on line. How sad is that? I really should get out there and comment more.

Okay one more resolution, more commenting! I mean I feel great when I know you all are listening to me rant and rave and it's such a motivator to know that "I've got to get this run done cause I don't want to have to write 'fail' on my blog later!" :)

So thanks bloggie buddies for you the inspiration and advice. I really do enjoy every blog I read, if I didn't you wouldn't make it to my "blogs I frequent" list. Although I don't know if it's me or blogger, sometimes a blog's updated post doesn't make it to my blog roll. Has anyone else had trouble with this?

Can't wait to hear about some fantastic race reports today. Congrats all you princess marathon finisher's out there!

Friday, January 8

Another run this evening. Stayed on the TM for 45minutes. Did 30 girlie pushups and many crunches after the run.

May I add a resolution to this year?

I am determined not to be upset or disappointed after a run.

I would normally think that this run was a failure because it took me 45minutes to run 3.6 miles. BUT. I have taken a long, long, useless break from running this winter. And, I will be starting back at square one. At least I ran and at least I stayed on the tm for 45minutes! Right? Right.

How do you go from thinking failure to success? Even when it wasn't the performance you'd hoped for?

Oh, I just checked, I ran a total of 440miles last year! Wow. I was hoping for 500, but with the illness this summer I'm really really pleased! I also swam a total of: 25878.0 Yd Wow. Go moi!

Tuesday, January 5

Long post, sorry!

First, pics from my vaca:

Just a little background, my siblings and cousins have gone to celebrate the holidays together at the gparents house since we were little. As evidenced by this photo:

So cute right? Love it. Here's some pictures from this year:

My gorgeous sister and I at our Gparents 49th wedding anniversary.

A baby alpace from when Gma and I went to the alapca farm on NY day.

This is one in a series of family self portraits take while we were pretty schwasted on Saturday night.

Here's another I like to call it the huddle (excuse the fact that I can't look at the camera cause I'm laughing too hard)

I didn't run but I did take a few walks. Here's my dad and Uncle walking just ahead of Mags and I (Mags is my sister)

Here were my goals for 2009:

1) New 5K pr, break 30minutes maybe even 29 in 2009?!
2) Run a half marathon (officially) and I mean run it...if that goes well and I'm not preggers, maybe a full in the fall?
3) Comfortably run a 9min/mile, let that be my base by 2010. (right now I'm somewhere between 10:30 and 10).
4) Swim a mile without stopping maybe even for just one hour without stopping. Comfortably.

1) Did not PR in my 5K, in my defense, had some medical issues this year.
2) Check :D I did run a 1/2! And, due to medical issues did not run my full. And may not now, ever. It's a cool goal. But I've been doing some thinking. And, if my bladder congenital abnormality showed up after 27 years, what else is lurking in there? What if I die? I did not feel well after my 1/2 and don't think I could have pushed for another 1/2 without dying. So. With hopes of a family sooner rather than later, I'll put off the full until I'm more of a consistent runner who wouldn't train poorly (IT band issues last spring) and would rock it.
3) Well, due to a start over basically now, I'm back to 11ish miles and well, sort of proud of it. I never got my 9min mile
4) It think that at some point, I swam a mile without stopping. Certainly not comfortably.

So, with 2009 in the books and lessons learned. I'm tackling 2010. I've requested the weekend off of May 1st and 2nd in hopes to register for and run the 1/2 again! This time I'll run it when I'm not on death's door and see how that goes.

My running buddy is planning on training for the full.

1) Run Lincoln 1/2 again.
2) Speed up, safely.
3) Run 3 days a week, long runs on Sundays with the girls when it warms up.
4) Swim more consistently.
5) Bikini body (aka eat better- moderate the junk food) by March 24th (our Cancun Vacation! - our Christmas present to ourselves)
6) Get preggers. (after Cancun)

That sounds reasonable. No pressure with time goals or PRs. Sounds like fun year!

This week, I did 3miles yesterday with Tiffany. That went well, slow, but well. My legs and feet were killing me at work yesterday. I think I'm going to have to retire the old running shoes I'm wearing at work, they're worn out. So today instead of doing Tiffany's planned 4miles at the gym, I opted for crunches and squats in front of TV. That's productive right? Tomorrow I work 12 and hope to get back to the gym Thursday morning.

In the interest of helping me eat better. I will now tell you what I ate for breakfast: 1/2 Luna peppermint chocolate bar and a small (10) portion of mint m&ms. Maybe I shouldn't have left those sitting out on the coffee table last night?! Maybe... off to shower up, go to the grocery store, and CLEAN THIS HOUSE!

And finally cause I thought it was funny: