Monday, December 13

I’m not fat.

I’m pregnant and fat.  Sigh.  Watching those numbers go up is scary business.  I’ve got another ob visit tomorrow and I’m kind of dreading the weigh in.  It’ll be 5 weeks since my last visit so I’m hoping for only about 5-10 pounds but it feels like a lot.  And, I’m told not to stress about it but it’s hard.  Come on pregnant girls, back me up.

I’ve been loving my prenatal yoga but sadly, due to work missed yesterday and will miss next week too!  Hopefully they don’t forget about me! 

Did some “baking” on Friday.  I made about 6-8 dozen cookies in about 5 hours.  I used this 2004 or so grocery store cookie pamphlets a gal from work gave me.  I call it grocery store cause it’s totally the kind of little magazine you see at the checkout of your grocery store.  It has all Pillsbury cookies made with Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough.  My favorite ones are the “coffee shop cookies” and the mock monster cookies with the peanut butter cups in the middle. 

I’m looking forward to our annual cookie decorating party next week.  We invite a few of my girlfriends, their husbands if they want to come, and of COURSE the kiddos.  It’s basically a reason to have kids throw sprinkles around the kitchen and for the ladies to gab.  It’s a little later that I’d hoped but we just got our carpets professionally cleaned and were waiting for that to get done. 

Here are a few pictures:

21 weeks with my father at Thanksgiving.  (My stomach “Brooklyn” is officially the same size as a 14 pound turkey)


23 weeks:


Our Christmas card photo we took tonight (I’m 24 weeks):


Our Christmas card says something cute like, “we get our present a little later this year…”  Aw.  And, I know it looks like I’m holding his stomach.  But you see, this shirt is shear and I’m wearing a “belly band” to hid my stomach from being seen through the shirt.  In all the other pictures you could totally tell where the band started and stopped and I didn’t like it.  So we settled on this.  Hope it doesn’t look too weird.


Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 2

Still here

Hey ya’ll.  I’m still here.   New thing, I tried prenatal yoga on Sunday, and I loved it.  No one cared if your gut was sticking out.  Or how inflexible you were.  There were plenty of modifications for you no matter how big or small you were.  So fun.  Signed up to take at least three more classes.  Yay!

Still trying to run.  And, can I just say how much I appreciate my friends I’ve made while running?  These girls who have been running with me all have these big lofty goals and prs in mind.  Yet, they still make the time to take me out on a “warm up” run every Tuesday and Sunday so I still get out there.  We end up doing the run one minute walk two or whatever I’m feeling up to that day heart rate wise and it’s wonderful.  And they say they don’t mind going slower which is so nice.  And, my first running buddy Tiffany just called this morning.  I was crying, sobbing…no real reason.  Hubby pointed out that maybe the pregnancy hormones are kicking in, thanks honey.  She invited me out to lunch and we all went and ate good Mexican food.  Totally made my day.  Now I’m getting ready to head out for my 1/2 hour with the girls and looking forward to a run with Tiffany tomorrow morning.  I am lucky

Also, Laura and I did a race on Saturday!  The cost was food to the food bank so I couldn’t pass it up.  It was chilly and needless to say we didn’t exactly run together but we ran in spirit together.  She got a pr YAY!  And, I made it to the finish line in about 45minutes.  I did let my heart rate get up to 160 before I walked though and it should have been 150 but I was feeling fine.

Here’s some recent pics:

P1010001 17 weeks pregnant, dressed up for work.  Ignore the mess. 


Laura and I after finishing the race.  Isn’t she cute?  I’m gonna wear my tutu the next time I race with her!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  I’m currently gorging on clearance Halloween candy.   MMmmmm.

Friday, October 15

My bambino.

Is actually a bambino.  My stomach may contain nuts.  It does.  We’re having a boy.  Here’s a few photos of what we did to reveal the sex to my in laws.

 P1010001 P1010002

The suspense…

P1010003 P1010006

(That’s my husband’s hand.)


Us and our boy cake.  (I used a whole can of frosting dyed blue for the center, it was pretty obvious from the first cut when the knife came out covered in blue icing, whoops).


Me, 15 weeks 4 days and a boy.  He’s 5 inches and 5 ounces, big guy!

Friday, October 1

A peach.

That’s how big my baby is.  Yep.  I’m 13 almost 14 weeks pregnant blog world.  That’s why I have had my cutback on running.  Just thought you should know.   I’ve been dying to tell EVERYONE!

Now that I’m out of my first trimester, I have been given the all clear to run (as long as my heart rate stays below 150).  I must be terribly out of shape right now, I guess that’s what 16ish weeks of no real running will do to you.  Because I’m having the HARDEST time keeping below that magic number.  Garmie is now programmed to beep every time I hit 150 and the thing won’t shut up till I’ve slowed down, it' keeps beeping.  Right now my ‘runs’ are run 1 minute, walk 5ish and run 1, hear Garmie beep and swear and walk.  That’s about it.  But I’m increasing my mileage and trying to stay active.  I’m sure one of these days I’ll switch solely to swimming but right now I’m enjoying the fall weather with my friends.  Here are some photos cause I know you’re interested…


Blurry, I know, but I love this picture.  I found out my baby was the size of a grain of rice at 6ish weeks and took a picture of me with a grain of rice.  As long as my baby’s something cute, I’m taking  a picture of it.  And, incase my pregnancy isn’t as long as most I’m taking a picture every week.  No reason not to celebrate this whole experience, right?  I’m sure I won’t be able to do this for bambino #2.


Me and a lime, 11 weeks


Me and a plum, 12 weeks.  Getting gussied up right now for my 13 week photo shoot when hubby gets home from work. 


Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, September 17


…Friday!  I spent the morning at the gym.  Gasp, I know.  I did the hill workout on level 10 with a speed of 3.0.  Sad I know.  But I power walked it out and got up to an incline of 7.8.  So, that was exciting.  Then I did the float machine for 7 minutes.  I hope my legs look killer after today.  They’ve got to, right?   The float machine (I just tried for two seconds to find a picture and can’t), is a machine that mimics roller blading and really works your inner thighs and legs in general.

I didn’t do anything with my arms.  Cause, after my run on Monday I did 50 girlie pushups and my arms hurt for DAYS.  Maybe that means I should do more?  I think it means I should lay off of them for a while.

How are you?
Ps, do you like my new layout? I know it's not fall-y but I think it's cute.

Thursday, September 16

Let’s see.

What’s happened since June 26th?  Well.   A lot.  And yet,

not a lot.  Still working as a nurse.  Took one vaca. without

the hubby in July (to see my sister for a girl’s weekend). 

Ran a couple races, nothing too extraordinary.  Here’s

some pics!

Went to a wedding, got purdy:



These pictures were from the end of the night!


From the girl’s weekend.  There was a whole lot of this:


WINE! And sisterly bonding.

good smiles

After a victory for the Portland Timbers.  I went to two games SOOOO much fun!  I want to live in Portland just for that team!  If you go, sit in sections 107-108ish, it’s for the rowdy fans!


This was just funny: “God Bless Murrica” (if you can’t read it).


Some sun.  Me and my running girls out by the pool after a run.  That’s me in the sun hat.  Got it in Portland and it made another appearance.  So cute.


Lake Wherspann run (2 miles) 8.1.10.  Hideous post race picture of me, I was feeling a little flabby so wore this huge shirt to the race.  Ick.  But I came in around the same time I did last year so that was exciting.


Wende and I at the Boxer 500.  A 5k race supporting the awareness of colo-rectal cancer.  You were supposed to dress in boxers, but we’re girls, we wore our tutus.  Big hit.  Worst 5k time however, to date.  Finished it with a doctor I know though, so that was fun.  I love the lighting in this picture.  Thanks lady who we were sure took an awful photo!


On the running front.  I’ve done little recently.  I did go for a swim on Sunday and was able to swim for 25minutes so I feel accomplished.  I now have a bit of a cold and ended up with an ocular migraine on Tuesday night that lasted until Wednesday morning which was the worst one yet but I think this cold was coming on too, you know?


Hope everyone’s well.  I have been keeping up with blogs and such just not updating my own as I’ve reached a bit of a plateau in my running career right now.  But I’m sticking with it and that’s what counts, right?

Saturday, June 26

Hello no running.

I’ve been meeting the girls for our Tuesday night runs with hills.  And, that’s about it.  Maybe another mile here or there.  But I’m resting for a while.  I have still been stalking reading your blogs and all your adventures.  But nothing too exciting to report here.  I seem to be working a lot of the weekends I’d like to do a race so I’m just chilling.  May do the Omaha 10k this fall if it works out with my schedule.  Maybe I won’t.  We’ll see.  Just thought I’d let you all know I haven’t died.  My life’s just boring. 

Going to KC this next weekend for the 4th.  Going to Portland OR for the 8-13th.   Anyone interested in going for a run or trying to do a 5k with me?  Help me out ladies, Jen or SlowlyButSurely


Talk to you all soon-ish.  I hope.  Off to work I go!

Thursday, June 10


Today I tried to do intervals with Amy.  Tried.

Note to self:  Don’t eat a late lunch before a run at 5:15ish.  It makes you feel awful during the run!

We headed out on a pretty straight and less hilly path than we take on our Tuesday night hill repeats.  This week we did 6 (I did 5 cause I’m getting over the flu) 100meter hill repeats.  My outer buns are still killing me!  Yikes.  Can’t wait to make this part of my routine this summer.

Anyways back to tonight.  We headed out and I had Garmie set up for 4 0.25 intervals with 0.25 rest.  Two miles total.  Yeah I could have had a hard core 0.1 or 0.05 of rest but really, it was our first time attempting this and I didn’t want to wear us out!  This work out was fast and fun!  Our repeats looked like this: 

  • 0.25  2:10  8:40AP
  • 0.25  2:29 (not much of a cool down!)
  • 0.25  2:01  8:04AP
  • 0.25  3:52 (walked the rest of the rests…)
  • 0.25  2:06  8:24AP
  • 0.25  4:09
  • 0.25  2:09  8:39AP
  • 0.25  4:41

Pretty nice, right?  We did a mile cool down which was tough after running so fast.  Hope everyone’s having a good week.  I’m having fun trying new workouts with this new crew.  Thanks ladies for letting me run with you!

Tuesday, June 8

I've been sick

I haven't run since the Boystown 5miler. I hope to run tonight. I've been sick with stomachy stuff since Wednesday. I thought I was better, ate something on Sunday and was sleeping next to this for 2 hours on Monday morning. Ew. (ps that is not actually my toilet although wood floors in my bathroom would be so classy.)

Went to work last night, nauseous. Feel better this morning. And no, I'm not pregnant. Thank you very much!

So question peeps. I may have made a poor purchase. I've been stalking this purse:

Cute right? Even cuter on. So it's normally, I don't know, $298 or so. On sale at my local Von Maur for $208. I've been stalking cause I don't want to pay $208 for this purse. I'm cheap. So every other week I've been visiting this purse, walking around the purse section with it on my shoulder and prancing around like I own it. Still not any lower. I walked up to a lady at the store today and said "I'd really like this purse but I was hoping it was going to go on sale more". She said "Well there are 17 left in Von Maur's across the country and Coach really waits a while to take the final markdown. But I can watch it for you and call you if they start to sell out or get marked down" SCORE! I gave her my cell phone and was very happy. Until I saw this.

(Poor picture cause I stole it off ebay) Leather, eggplant, classy, gorgeous. Marked down 1/2 off. I bought it. She told me it was the only one left. The only one! And it was just $20 more than that other smaller purse. Normally $500. Someone bought this purse for $500 (more than one someones too) and I got it for $220. So really, it was a great buy. Right? Tell me you love it! Or don't tell me it's hideous, I can still return it.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 1

Hello there!  Long time no talk.  I’ve been busy reading what you all have been up to!  Sounds like fun.  Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend.  I know I did.  Attended my nephew’s high school graduation party.  Also attended my nephew’s baptism (the 6mo. old brother of the 18 year old!).  My husband and I were his sponsors/god parents at the baptism.  So that was cool.  First time I’d curled my hair since my wedding I think!

I did the Boystown 5miler on Monday (yesterday).  As you can see from the side bar, it wasn’t a pr.  But they can’t all be!  I ran it with Wende and Amy.  These are the girls I’ve been “cheating” on Tiffany with.  (that’s what Tiffany calls it when I run with other people :D )  We’ve been doing hills the last two Tuesdays.  I bailed on them today though cause of a pesky tornado warning.  I’m so scared of weather!  The 5 miler started out great.  Not as hot as last weekend but still warm.  We felt good.  Well, Amy and I did.  It was getting warm though and Wende had trouble breathing.  We all agreed we didn’t want the ambulance.  So we all welcomed a few walk breaks and made it to the end.  We finished and were glad to be done!  Can’t wait to try and tackle it again next year.  It is a tough, hilly course!

30605_576097678796_32505968_33285467_274305_n Before the race



(that’s my new racing headband).  Cute, no?

And Happy Birthday to Susan!

Monday, May 24

Another race.

Otherwise known as a “hot mess”.

I did do the virtual 10K with Racing with Babes on Saturday.  It was at the gym and it was a good run.  Not my best, but I’m sick again this week (trying out a new antibiotic since obviously the last two rounds didn’t cut it out).  I finished in 1:08:00…I think I did my math right.  I had to stop and pee (surprise) after the 1st mile and I think I did that one slow.  Tiffany used her nike ipod+ to track us and it was pretty right on track with our usual pace so I’ll take it.  Here are a few pictures, hard to take them while on the treadmill at the gym without looking like a creeper!

This is me before the start, this was the ‘rock your socks’ 10K so I' sported my neon green socks.


Hot for at the gym, let me tell you!  I’ve worn these once before in a race.  (No, I did not wear the tutu to the gym.)

29649_428676065812_719835812_5716479_7092567_nSo supa fast!

29649_428675980812_719835812_5716477_7023996_nDone! (and sweaty!)


Sunday I ran the Council Bluffs 5K and then gambled while I waited for my friend Ann to finish her FIRST HALF!  I’m sorry I didn’t run this with her.  But I’m glad I didn’t cause it was like running through a sauna yesterday. 92% humidity at the start, at 7am.  Then 1/2way through my race the sun came out and now it was hot and humid!  Yuck.  Needless to say, not my best performance!  I ran it in 34:04, 10:58AP.  At least I ran under 11min pace with all the walking I did.  SO easy to walk during a race once you’ve done it once.  I should remember not to walk then I won’t be tempted to later on.  Oh well, I never learn.

Mile 1: 9:26

Mile 2: 11:26

Mile 3: 11:57

Mile 0.14: 1:11

Here are some pictures:

P5220257Wende and I, post race.  I told you it was hot!

So a note about the outfit, I met up with CC2 at this race.   I thought, what shirt to wear, well I’ll just wear the one that has my name on it, that’ll help her find me!  I emailed her the morning of and told her “You look for the neon green tutu.  I’ll look for the pregnant chick!”.  And, it worked.  1st highlight of the morning, meeting this lovely lady:

P5220256    We talked for a few minutes after the race (in which she and the ninos smoked me!).  She’s so nice!  It was fun to meet up with someone.  Although, it’s hard to explain to my other friends that I’m meeting up with someone I’ve never met, but that I kinda know because “I follow their blog”.  You get a lot of strange looks!

Wende and I knew we had some time to kill.  Found the food, the indoor restrooms again.  I declared I wanted to “gamble in my tutu” so we did that as well!  (the race started and ended outside of a casino!) Second highlight of the morning!

29649_428666845812_719835812_5716119_651006_nThat was a fun way to spend a 1/2 hour.  And, Wende broke even and I won five dollars!

29649_428675770812_719835812_5716469_6202472_nBack outside, waiting for Ann to finish.  Recognize this cutie?  She’s Ann’s daughter who saw me after my half!


There she is! 


Looking really strong!

29649_428675165812_719835812_5716428_5477415_nWith her hardware!  Third highlight of the morning, watching my friend complete her first half and screaming my head off!


All of us.  Wende and I did some shopping on Saturday after picking up our race packets.  Went to the mall, found these super cute headbands! 

Sunday night, Ann, her hubby and kiddo, Rich (friend) and Brian and I had a cookout at the lake we trained on.  Here are some photos from there:

So.  This headband I also got Saturday, without remembering I had this dress in my closet, I think it matches, no?


So, this photo happened without my knowledge, I thought we were being all cute and smiley:

27949_428891410812_719835812_5724541_2098643_n27949_428874925812_719835812_5724091_1553223_nThat’s better!  (but the first one cracked me up!)

Then everyone took turns being funny and trying to peek in blouses:



Cutie pie, again:


Here’s the final picture of Ann and I:

Had a great weekend!  How was yours?

Sunday, May 16

Papillion 10k

Who knew this course would be so hilly?  I should have looked at the elevation chart/course map a little more before just signing up cause they had tech tee shirts.  Well, that’s not the only reason I signed up.  I wanted to have a mini goal after the half.  So I couldn’t just stop running all together.  Just signed up for the Memorial day 5miler, which I ran last year about a week before surgery.  So that’ll be fun!

This race, I work up LATE!  Race started at 7:40, about 15minutes away from my house.  Not too sure what parking was going to be like.  I wanted to wake up at 6:00, leave around 6:15, 6:30 cause you could pick up your packet between 6:30-7am.  I woke up at 6:41!  Yikes.  Brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, grabbed garmie, gatorade, and sports beans, license $5 and my phone and I was off! Drove there slightly over the speed limit and arrived at 7:05.  Yeah.  They were still parking people and it was really easy to get too, thank goodness!  I was able to pick up my packet and get it back to my car before the race started.  But no real time to get to the BR.  This would come back to haunt me.  I grabbed a quick swig of berry rain gatorade and three sports beans cause I was starving.  I haven’t been this tired for the start of a race for a while.  1/2 marathoners started at 7:30, and we started at 7:40 two hundred yards behind them. 

I was thankful for those two hundred yards as we started out, I was able to bank some time (those two hundred yards were downhill) before heading up hill.  These weren’t itty bitty hills you were over and done with quickly.  These were those long slow really feel ‘em kinda hills.  Killa. 

Mile splits:

  1. 9:54 (that includes the uphill!)
  2. 11:26 (more hills, I won’t even write this cause each mile had hills!)
  3. 11:02
  4. 11:36
  5. 11:27 ( walked as we approached this mile, this gal came up behind me who I’d been leap frogging and said “I want to finish this without walking.  Help me out!” and I was running again.  Thanks Breea!)
  6. 13:03 (slowly winding our way up a big hill)
  7. (0.24) – 2:29 10:42AP

Total time:  1:11:58 11:31 AP. Why does my Avp moving pace say 11:18?  I know garmie lost me cause we went through a tunnel, is that where those times are off?  Oh well, at least I have garmie. 

Here’s some photos:


What’s that on the red ribbon?  Oh yeah, they gave out medals!  I got my medal from a special Olympian, cause that was one of the causes this race supported.  I made sure to give them all a big thank you.  I finished the race with Breea, I was very thankful she pushed me that last mile!  The announcer even announced our names as we crossed the finish line.  Very cool.


Ignore the fact that my engraving is a sticker.  I’m still proud of my new hardware.


What’s that, free popcorn with nobody manning the booth?  Don’t mind if I do!


Why is it that during a race you feel awful and think that you’re doing the best you can.  But when you’re done you think “I totally could have pushed it a little more!”.  I always have kind of a race regret afterwards.  During the race though, I feel like I’m giving it my all.  Strange, no?