Monday, December 7

Hello world.

I'm awaiting pictures from the 5ish K I ran yesterday...We got to the start and it was 22 degrees and they explained that it wasn't really an out and back 5K. We'd be going off the trail to do loops around a park (read big hill up and snaking back down and around x2), back onto the trail to go under a street, then up another big hill and down steps, around a couple baseball fields before getting back to the trail for the last 0.75miles or so. Fun. But it was cold and the ground was frozen which meant the off road stuff was hard. My calves are sore. Tiffany ditched me before the first mile I'm sure. So it was solo, me and the few people at the back of the pack. I was kinda hoping that I would run faster because of the cold. But I just had nothing in me. Nothing. I walked the up hills cause, well I hate hills, and ran comfortably the rest. Didn't have garmie with me cause it would have been tucked under my layers anyways. I was cold, well, my hands were cold but the rest of me was fine. It really wasn't that bad if I had been in shape at all! I finished in about 39minutes and Tiffany's nike + said it was 3.72 but I'm guessing that's an over estimate on distance. I bet it was only 3.2 or 3.3. Felt like 6, but you know, who's counting.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and then sewed the rest of the day. Till hubby came home and we made huevos rancheros. Mmmm. Although, hubby forgot to pick up tomatoes, so shhh we substituted salsa. But it was good cause neither one of us are tomato fans so it was just a hint. I realize though that I can't fry an egg. They're supposed to be runny and delicious but mine were cooked through. Oh well. Better luck next time.

I'll post pictures when available, happy monday.


Ulyana said...

22 degrees??? OUCH!

Hey, the cooked through eggs are supposed to be better/healthier for you, I think! :)

Lisa said...

Well don't be so hard on yourself. You still ran it and you finished. Be proud of that and use that as motivation to do better next time. I know you csn :)

teacherwoman said...

One of my biggest pet pieves is when race courses are not the distance they advertise. Drives me crazy, even though I am not going out there to break some world record!

Nice job on the race!

Morgan said...

Girl you did it and that is the most important part! Getting out there is always the hardest part, but you did and you finished! Congrats!

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like a great race. That's damn cold for race day.

Jamie said...

That's one darn cold race. Nice job!