Wednesday, November 25

da da da dah!

I've been running! Twice. Twice since I last posted. No laughing, please. I ran slow, and I only ran 2 miles and walked a little during...but I haven't run in 2 weeks so I think I'm doing well. I gave up on the POTM challenge. There are people that are WAY ahead of me it's embarrassing. But I keep logging my miles just to be accountable. Working tomorrow, 12hr. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.



teacherwoman said...

I am way low in my digits for the POTM Challenge too... :) Oh well! Glad to hear you've been running, though!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have to work a 12 hour tomorrow :(
I have to work a 12 hour night shift Christmas night. Compromise I suppose.

Hey at least your keeping up with it and trying with effort!