Wednesday, November 25

da da da dah!

I've been running! Twice. Twice since I last posted. No laughing, please. I ran slow, and I only ran 2 miles and walked a little during...but I haven't run in 2 weeks so I think I'm doing well. I gave up on the POTM challenge. There are people that are WAY ahead of me it's embarrassing. But I keep logging my miles just to be accountable. Working tomorrow, 12hr. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 17


no running lately - but I'm an AUNT!

My sister in law had a beautiful baby boy, Matthew Dean. 6.67 19 1/2inches. And, perfect!

Happy Birthday little guy!

Now this gets the hubby and I thinking, when are we going to give this cutie a cousin? Soon -ish. I'm all about being ready is a BIG change and I think we'll wait a few more months. Plus, I don't really want to be really pregnant during the summer.

But now we're thinking of doing a warm weather vacation before having the chitlins...anyone go anywhere they'd recommend? I started looking at places and of course, Hawaii looks amazing, but Costa Rica looks like it has the best of both, jungle and ocean. Any recommendations?

Finally, check out the hubby and his nephew (our first!) How sweet!

Sunday, November 8

Beer and Bagel 09!

So, I haven't had any great runs this past week. In fact, Wed's run was awful! One of my worst ever. Poor Tiffany had to ditch me and just keep going. I shouldn't have stayed up till 1:45am and then tried to run earlyish in the morning. I've learned my lesson. Maybe. I'm sure I'll stay up late again before a run. I just have to take them more seriously I guess.

Anyways to my exciting run of the week. Today was the Beer and Bagel Run. It's Tiffany's and I's one year anniversary of running together! We even wore matching socks!

I love how they're kinda old school athletic socks. Sorry about this picture my computer won't let me edit it to rotate it, it says it's read only.

So this run isn't really a race for us. It's just the one off road race with a cool shirt and good post race food. Chili and beer. My beer I gave to hubby and I stuck with chili and water and diet coke. Mmm. Great at 9am. Tiffany dropped me about 0.4miles into the run. The first steep hill. After about 0.75 we came to a standstill. Everyone thought it was a water stop and was getting frustrated till we saw the ravine. There were ropes. That's right, we had to repel down a muddy steep incline, run across muddy water and pull ourselves back up with another rope. There were guys helping and cheering on and near the top of the uphill I hear "Come on polka dots let's go!"
I wish there was another point like this in the race. So fun! Maybe I should do the living history farms race? Some day. Some day. Our ravine wasn't that wet but it was still fun.

Ann found me just before that spot and we ran/walked the rest of the way together. Here's a few of us finishing up the race:

This is me making my breakaway. Look out!

I'm so fast my hair is blurry!
Ann's so fast she's blurry!

Here's all three of us after getting our bagels and water:

Showing off the aftermath of the run:

Being goofy and eating chili:
(Sexy I know)

One last shot of the outfit, after I put pants on under my skirt:

Again, sad day that I can't get the picture to rotate! And, ps, I made that bag this week.

So, as you can see this race I sported: knee high socks, new running skirt from Lucy, under armor long sleeve, red tank top (to match the socks) and a polka dot headband. Thank you Lucy for having built in shorts! I'm still pretty sure that this skirt did give quite the show up and down those hills! Yikes! Meh, I was cute though! That's all that counts.

Speaking of cute, Tiffany and I are thinking of doing the egg nog jog 5k and they encourage costumes. So, I think we're going to get these. How cute would it be to be "mis matching" Christmas-y socks? I think I might want to make little aprons to wear, and jingle bells, and headbands or santa caps....oh how fun!

I can't wait for the beer and bagel run next year! This race is so much fun and you should totally come out and do it next year if you're around, bloggy people!

Monday, November 2

so far, so good.

I think I may say this at the beginning of every week, but I'm hopeful. Hopeful that I can get some good miles in this week. Started Sunday off with beautiful weather! And, great running friends. Wende and Molly and I headed out on a small out and back trail that was covered with leaves. Gorgeous. We stopped for a few minutes to try and help one woman find a lost car key, no luck. We knew someone had mentioned a patron putting they key up on a rock in the middle of the trail, but when the woman went near the rock, someone else coming the other direction got to it first and kicked it! Yikes. So it was lost on the side of the trail in the leaves, if someone didn't pick it up already. Hope she found it. We did just over at 5k in about 37:00, not too fast but it was a nice, slow, chatty run.

Today I hit the gym with Tiffany, who I hadn't worked out with in for ever! I wasn't feeling the treadmill run after running outside yesterday so I broke it up:

1 mile: 10:54
3/4 mile: 9:40
1/2 mile: 9:13
1/4 mile: 8:54

Sped it up. I think I read, somewhere, that this is one of those 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 200 workouts. But I guess I calculated wrong and didn't actually do a 200, would that have been 1/8 or 0.125miles? I still don't know the track math yet! I wasn't a cross country runner. I took 30-90seconds in between each section to walk and recover. This was fun. Challenging but with the breaks it was doable. I'm looking forward to maybe getting an evening run in with Wende tonight, as she had to work today and doesn't go to our gym so wouldn't have been able to join us anyways.

Happy Monday. Hopefully I'll be posting soon with more workouts!