Tuesday, October 27

So hi there. How easy is it NOT to workout? Very easy!

I should have worked out yesterday before work, but had guests over till 1:15am the night before and Tiffany's son was home sick so I didn't have her to motivate me...So no running. Today, got home from work at 12:30ish and went bed around 1:15 again, work up late and haven't worked out yet...This is NOT a good start to the week. Why does it sometimes feel like so much work to get dressed and get to the gym? It shouldn't be... Maybe I can sneak a run around the block if nothing else. I really want to start averaging about 15miles/week and haven't even come close to that lately.

Going over to a friend's house for dinner tonight. I'm making Danielle's brussel sprouts with apples and bacon...hope it's as good as it looked in her pictures!

Okay, off to see if I can plan a run today. Happy Tuesday! Hope you all are more motivated, on schedule, than I am today!

PS- I did get a good 4mile run in on Sunday with Wende and Ann. Thanks ladies! That was very fun. Great fall colors out there. And, not the best time ever pace-wise, so I'm not even going to post that...


Lisa said...

I find that when I miss a couple of workouts that it's harder to get back into the groove. Schedule in a run somewhere and do it. I know it's hard but you will be happy that you did it.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! I've been so far behind on my google reader and just saw that you made the brussel sprouts with bacon. How did you like it?

Go you on your speedy run (from the post after this)!