Tuesday, October 27

So hi there. How easy is it NOT to workout? Very easy!

I should have worked out yesterday before work, but had guests over till 1:15am the night before and Tiffany's son was home sick so I didn't have her to motivate me...So no running. Today, got home from work at 12:30ish and went bed around 1:15 again, work up late and haven't worked out yet...This is NOT a good start to the week. Why does it sometimes feel like so much work to get dressed and get to the gym? It shouldn't be... Maybe I can sneak a run around the block if nothing else. I really want to start averaging about 15miles/week and haven't even come close to that lately.

Going over to a friend's house for dinner tonight. I'm making Danielle's brussel sprouts with apples and bacon...hope it's as good as it looked in her pictures!

Okay, off to see if I can plan a run today. Happy Tuesday! Hope you all are more motivated, on schedule, than I am today!

PS- I did get a good 4mile run in on Sunday with Wende and Ann. Thanks ladies! That was very fun. Great fall colors out there. And, not the best time ever pace-wise, so I'm not even going to post that...

Saturday, October 24

Non Running Related.

I love yo' face!

Happy Birthday to my hubby.

Check out his birthday treats!

Currently in love with cupcakes thanks to: Hello Cupcake

Sunday, October 18

Holy no posting batman!

Well, here's how I've been. I went to KC to get my heart checked out by my "family cardiologist". My mom died of a fatal arrhythmia at 53 and since then her sisters both have had defibrillators placed with one having a pacer and her brother's also seen this cardiologist. So, after having a lack of communication with my cardiologist I went down there. So far, so good. No arrhythmia's that they could identify and my heart doesn't have much permanent damage to it that's causing any really concern. Yay. Still sinking in that I'm okay since I've lived for four years thinking that I had heart damage and a low EF. So no running earlier this week while I was out of town.

So that's all fine and boring.

Back to the running! I read Denise's post on Friday and thought, surely I can get to the gym and run for a little while. I did 60minutes with 5.3miles. Yay. Great run! Only walked a few times and did all my running at 6.0 or 6.2 which is 10min or 9:40min/mi pace! (No incline though, I'm not that crazy!) Today I did 4.4 with Ann around Lake Z in 53minutes, a slow 12min/mi pace. But it felt good to get out and move. The weather today is going to be beautiful. Too bad I'm headed into work.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm looking forward to another run tomorrow.

Monday, October 5


That's right, last Friday in my non-shopping trip to target where I found myself another new tanktop (Imagine this with blue and purple stripes on it, couldn't find the exact picture...but these tanktops are my fave. Just long enough and such cute patterns and colors.)...I found myself Jillian Michael's 30day shred.

-I just did level 1. It took the 20minutes it told me it would and I liked how it was broken up. For those of you who haven't gotten Shred, it's 3minutes of strength, 2minutes cardio, 1minute abs, repeat. So the strength, I think I may have the weakest arms ever. She had me do squats while raising 3lb weights up to my eyes...my shoulders were killing me. And, since when are jumping jacks a warm up? I think those should have counted towards my cardio. Pretty sure I heard her say for motivation, "We don't stop once we've crossed the finish line!". And I said aloud to my tv, "Um, ... yes, yes I do. That's why it's a finish line".

-I like the workout, now if I stick with it, I'll be comparing my progress to my running buddy Tiffany's progress with P90X. That's right, Tiffany, it's on! Jillian vs P90X. I believe in Jillian. Let's do this!

-For those of you who have worked out with this dvd before, when did you move onto levels 2 and 3? Did you mix it up right away? Do you all think I can skip the days I work 12hrs, cause I'm gonna be tired, or do you think this is a program you're supposed to do 30days straight?

Off to get the fixings for company pot roast from Ina Garten I saw last week. Mmmm.

Sunday, October 4

Race for the cure! So, I didn't PR like I'd been bragging about all week. That's what I get for bragging. But, I did have fun. Until this happened:

So, not an attractive picture but I was wearing a headband the entire time I ran and then my hair did that. Moving on.

So this was about 3/4 of the way through. I knew we had about a 1/2mile to go but we'd started out fast. I thought, foolishly, that if we walked between two light poles and then started running again we'd go really fast and get our under 30min super goal (again, Kelly, it doesn't pay to walk during a RACE, that's why they call them RACES). Well, we pulled off to the sidewalk and walked and then while I was trying to step off the sidewalk and back into the running traffic, I hit some dirt/gravel wrong and biffed. I have scrapes on my thumb, wrist, elbow, and knee. Everybody saw. Everybody said "OH my gosh, are you okay?!"...so I KNOW I looked stupid. To make matters worse, some guy says "Hey Kelly, are you okay? Was that you who fell? I was planning on walking now anyways, let's walk together". Well that guy is a physician I work with. Nice. Nice man, very nice but I was ready to run again and was so embarrassed. We walked until I said "Let's run again" and he'd found another physician to talk with so they pulled ahead (darn tall people and their long legs which make their 'slow pace' so darn fast!). I think I crossed the finish line about 31:12 for 10:04AP according to Garmie (which I didn't forget this time!). (I think I'm a fan of ()) Sorry if this bothers you.

We (Ann and I who ran together) met up with Wende and Amy who also ran. Surprisingly we found them in the 15,000+ that were there. We proceeded to raid the giveaway tables that were still around, and I think I've eaten my weight in Maggie's Gourmet Popcorn - they couldn't give that stuff away fast enough!

We also got the greatest post-race picture EVA! Check it out...

You all can be jealous. I know I know. I think they were maybe Stormtroopers for the Cure? Who knows, they rock though.