Wednesday, September 16


This. Isn't. Pretty.

This is why I'm slow. This is why I have no endurance. This is why I need to give myself a break. This scar probably isn't going to get any prettier. Just thought I'd show you cause I know you're curious. Weird internets people. :D

Just kidding.

But I went for a "run" today or my excuse for a run and it wasn't good. So I wasn't going to run at all today cause I'd be working 12. But our census must be low again because one minute before my alarm went off I got a call from "staffing" saying I was called off work from 7-11. Be ready to go at 11am if I don't hear from them first. Got out the door at 9:45 after majorly oversleeping and then watching the iron man I'd taped last night. Back by 10:15. 29:00 run, after the first 6 of which I had to walk. What's with me? Is it the heat? This lack of any endurance is pathetic. I know before I started running 2 years ago I wasn't an athlete. I couldn't dream of running a mile. But up until March or so of this year I thought I was in pretty good shape. Then my body started acting up and I didn't feel well until 6weeks postop. When will I start being more active? More able to hold any semblance (is that the right word? spellcheck changed it for me...) of a pace? I'm just bummed out. I feel like I try and just give up mentally before I hit the 1/2mile mark. How do you get over that initial first "few miles" or in my case minutes of a run? I know I'll feel better after I run. And I'll only regret not going for a run rather than getting out there. I need a few good runs to get me motivated again. That's all I'm asking for. Why is that so much to ask?

Enough of this. I know that I'm slow and I'm going to live with it. At least I'm moving and mobile. Right? It could always be worse.

I tried to get 6miles in on Sunday but Wende and I started at 12:15 and it was HOT. We ran the first 3 miles hard (for us) and ended up walking most of the last three. She started getting dizzy and tunnel vision, so we called it quits at 5.8. 1:26:and change.

Ran 3miles on Monday (speedwork) with Tiffany. This time we did 0.25mile sprints with 0.25miles break inbetween. And Garmie worked! I set it for an interval work out and followed along...I love that the beeps count you down to your finish. My splits were these: 2:12, (4:40), 2:06, (4:39), 2:32, (4:38), 2:18, (4:39), 2:16, (4:16), 2:09, (4:49). Boy we're consistently timed walkers. I think I may have been able to go faster if I'd known my pace. When I clicked out of the garmie's screen to see my pace it flashed my heartrate and then back to the screen where it was timing my intervals. No pace to be found. I guess that's good cause I was able to just "run normal" or naturally speedy. Ha.

Then today's run, no run on Tuesday cause I chickened out. Probably because of my string of bad luck.

On a lighter note, here's me and my adorable hubby stalking a bird at the jungle exhibit of our zoo.

This was last Wed on our anniversary.

Happy Wednesday. Time to get out of this chair and do some cleaning with my "day off".


X-Country2 said...

Wow, that's a SCAR! You're doing great. Hang in there and keep at it.

teacherwoman said...

That IS a scar. I think you are doing great with your running!

Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping over at my digs! Wow girl I gotta say, that is some scar and kudo's to you for trucking on and trying to get back into running. You can do this! Just believe in yourself and don't let the hard/tough runs get you down.