Tuesday, September 8

So, another weekend, another 5K. :D

Go me. Eh, it keeps me motivated. This one was with Wende and her sister in law Sus. I dropped them at the beginning, sorry girls. Wende's sister in law caught up to me and beat me in the end though. I was only one minute (exactly 31:36) off my PR! I couldn't believe it. I also had fun at the end:

This 5K followed a 6.45mile training run on Sunday with Wende. We may or may not have gotten bored/tired and turned the last 3 miles into intervals. Those were fun! We did 0.25mile intervals. My splits were:


I have no idea if that's fast or not I haven't been at this "speed" thing too long. But I had fun going all out for 0.25miles. So much easier than the 1mile intervals Tiffany and I ran last Monday.

Did two runs today. Morning with Tiffany, more of a walk/jog than a run with a hard wind to run into. AP 13:00/mile...let's just not talk about that one! :D Evening quick run around the block with Ann 1.77miles. Little just to get out moving.

Hoping for a quick run tomorrow before my 3 year anniversary. I have no idea what the hubs and I are doing but I'm sure it'll be nice.

Love you honey!


X-Country2 said...

Look at you, ya racer! Nice work! Sounds like you're almost back to PR form.

Jamie said...

Great job on another 5K! You are right back in it :)

Happy Anniversary!