Monday, September 21


Just when I was thinking "I need a few good solid runs to make me feel better" I got them!

Did a GREAT 7.1miles on Sunday. That's right, 7.1 with my girls and we only really walked 0.5miles. So we definitely ran a 10K, that's the confidence booster I needed. I really feel like this Sunday is going to go great! We did the whole Lake this time and I really felt hard core again, I felt like I could have kept going you know? Yeah!

Splits: (don't laugh, I know we're slow!)

11:16 (ran at 8:50 pace the last 0.25mile to get under 12:00 for my last mile)
17:04 (walked the first 0.5mile of this for a breather)
Last 0.1 1:04

Tada! So, this bothers me a little. I feel like since I'm still so slow that I have to carve out a LONG time for me to accomplish any sort of distance. Does anyone else feel frustrated when, (no joke) Wende's boyfriend went out for a quick 1/2hour and covered 5miles while it took us girls 1:31 to travel 7.1?! Tell me some day I'll be speedy. Maybe not 5miles in 1/2hr speedy but maybe 9min/mile average speedy... I can dream.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in weeks. It was as follows:
1) Step on treadmill
2) Set incline to 0. That's right, no incline. Chickened out.
3) Run a 6mile/hr or 10minute mile (with the warm up it was 10:10)
4) Pause treadmill to "stretch" or take a one minute rest break...either way.
5) Run the second mile in 9:30 to try to get my two miles in under 20min.
6) Take a paused rest break to catch breath
7) Attempt a third mile...10:00 ish again.
8) Stop the treadmill at 29:57 having gone...wait for it...3.05 miles!!!

YAY! I know there was no incline, but I really felt like I was flying! Crazy fast. I would run at 6.0 for my "slow" then venture up to 8:00min/mile pace for a few...really no walking that I remember, maybe cause I have selective memory today for only the good stuff about my running recently.

For those of you looking for deals, you may want to check out your local Target. I found some pretty cute running tops Who doesn't need that? And, it was half that price! I found three I loved. And of course, couldn't live without.

Happy Monday!


Ulyana said...

Girl, you've been through so much. Of course, you'll be speedy. No doubt about it. And the run at the gym is just the proof that you'll get where you want to be before you know it.

Bootchez said...

Sheesh, I wish you lived around here, 'cause I can never find anyone who runs at my (very similar to yours) speed. If you DO get speedy somewhere down the line, lemme know how you did it. I think I continue to run a regular 12 minute mile after 3 years of running because all that interval and speed training just seems so UNPLEASANT. I keep expecting to go out and run a 9 minute mile, just because I've been running a lot, but it so far hasn't happened yet by magic, darn!

Anonymous said...

oooh, built in shelf bra and everything in that cami from Target??? I might just have to venture over there tonight, Hubby won't mind ... it's not like I don't own enough running stuff already ...

I think that is right about where I'm at now. It took me 60 minutes to run 4.73 miles, so that's about right. I'm walking still for some of that, like 20% is walking ... I have faith that one day I'll be speedy. I just have to keep looking back at where I started and hope that I'm only halfway to being a quick runner ....

Lauren @ Team Giles said...

Great blog, I like it. Thanks for the comment on Team Giles :)

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you're doing GREAT! Got to love a successful long run.