Tuesday, September 1

Happy 200th post to me!

Hi all!

So...lots to report.

Saturday I had a great 5K with Ann.

It was the Ted E. Bear Hallow run, which is an organization that provides resources to grieving children. Great cause. I also donated and bought a "flag" along the route in honor of my mom. So that was a great motivator.
I actually stopped and picked it up off the side of the course on the trip back and ran with my mom the last few 100 yards. Special.

We finished in 33:36 which, if you follow me, you'll know was about 5minutes faster than our first 5K together. So yay for that. However, Garmie only counted 3.01 miles, so it may not have been "officially" a 5K. But meh, we had fun.

The post race food was awesome. The 5K was sponsored and took off from an Outback so I had Outback food at 9:15 following the race. Great way to start my morning!

Sunday we all (Tiffany, Wende, Ann and I) headed out for our first 5mile run together. Tiffany ditched us at mile 2 to go faster. Wende and I pulled away from Ann (sorry Ann) around mile 4ish just cause we wanted to try to keep going at our pace. Felt great. Walked...twice maybe? So fun. 5.22mi/1:04:58/12:26AP

Monday Tiffany and I went out for speed. We also threw in some strength during the workout which is why, I think, my left calf is sore today. But we ran 2.95mi/31:24/10:37AP - BUT that includes a 0.25mile walk to recover from the first mile. Without that...let's see...I think we did 2.70 in about 26:24 which is 9 something/mile. Anyways it was fast. Our fastest pace was 7:33 and we were flying. One of those workouts where you can't even talk...yeah.

Today I did 4miles on my own. 4.11mi/45:09/10:58AP - calves, especially left, felt super tight. I walked a lot of the up hills. I ventured further into our subdivision than I normally go and it ended up being really hilly. But I was thrilled when I managed an under 11min pace with all the walking. According to Garmie, my fastest pace was 8:39 (pretty sure that was on a downhill somewhere!) I tried to hit the "lap" button at each mile and I think my splits were:

Mile 1: 10:51 (AP 10:52 Max pace: 9:17)
Mile 2: 11:49 (AP 11:30 Max pace: 9:20)
Mile 3: 11:14 (AP 11:33 Max pace: 8:39)
Mile 4: 11:13 (AP 10:03 Max pace: 8:57)

Seriously, how did I ever live without my Garmie?! This baby rocks! It even told me calories/mile and AHR and stuff...per mile! Sweet!

Tomorrow's a 12, so I'll be back on the road Thursday for a quick 2-3miles. Hope everyone has a good middle of the week!


X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you're really getting back out there. That's awesome!

I'm not sure what Garmin you have, but it should have a function where it captures mile splits for you without having to push the lap/reset button. I turn off the beeping, but some people like to hear it.

Jamie said...

You've really made a come back! Nice job on the 5K too :)

jen said...

Congrats on the 5k!! Your running is very strong, and definitely good call on walking when needed. You're doing GREAT! :)

Danielle said...

Great job on your 5K time!

Your comment on my blog today seriously made me laugh! I didn't mean to flaunt my Chick-fil-A sandwich or "Publix" at all, but they really are two yummy places to get food!

The bread was from Costco, although it was just a regular fresh loaf. It was so good! Of course it came in a package of six (still warm when we bought them!) so there are four in the freezer, waiting to be eaten.

Chic Runner said...

Dang that sounds like the best race ever. I would for sure be there with that post race food!!!