Monday, September 28

Hello hello!

Well I ran well, and finished without walking! Which was my overall goal, secretly. We didn't hit the 1hour mark, but really, that would have been pushing it!

Felt great the first mile, you know, you get swept up in the race it feels wonderful. Didn't go out too fast because the first 1.5miles was the biggest hill in the course, so that helped a lot. My right inside ankle started hurting about mile 2, not too bad, but enough to be noticed. Mile 3-5 I kept thinking I could probably walk and Tiffany would say "we're not walking!". And, actually, the miles flew by! I didn't have Garmie with me, in my pre race half-asleep-ness I forgot it so we were running by feeling and Tiffany's heart rate monitor watch alone. Which was actually good, I couldn't look at my pace all the time and freak out. Tiffany dropped me at about 5.5miles maybe 6miles in and sped up to her finish. I coughed at one point at mile six, and almost vomited. I actually had put my hand to my mouth thinking I was going to, scary!

Crossed the finish line in 1:07 which was faster than I was expecting. Official time is 1:05:46 with a 10:35AP. Didn't walk a single step. Wonderful. I could see myself really liking this distance!

Oh boy, late for work...working the evening shift tonight. Will run about 4miles tomorrow with Tiffany. Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 26

Hello! I'm gearing up for my first 10K tomorrow! Yay!

-Tiffany thinks we'll be able to hit the 60min mark. We'll see. The course seems to follow the race for the cure coarse which I've PR'd in the 5k at everytime I've run it. The last was AH! I'll survive, I'm sure.

-I cut of a hunk of finger on Tuesday, actually had to take Thursday off work (had Wed off work to begin with)...maybe that'll make me more aerodynamic?

-I got a Goodwill find on Monday! A bubblegum pink Riccar 3500 sewing machine. Still working out the kinks and figuring out how to work it...I think it leads my fabric to the left, so it's hard to keep my 1/4inch seam allowance. Anyone who can help me, please leave suggestions. I tried adjusting the pressure, or my sewing machine guy did with a wrench and leather and couldn't budge it so I think if that were looser it would work better.

Talk to you all tomorrow, I'm off for some bbq and settler's*!

*settler's is Settler's of Catan...greatest game ev-a and I've never come close to winning!

Monday, September 21


Just when I was thinking "I need a few good solid runs to make me feel better" I got them!

Did a GREAT 7.1miles on Sunday. That's right, 7.1 with my girls and we only really walked 0.5miles. So we definitely ran a 10K, that's the confidence booster I needed. I really feel like this Sunday is going to go great! We did the whole Lake this time and I really felt hard core again, I felt like I could have kept going you know? Yeah!

Splits: (don't laugh, I know we're slow!)

11:16 (ran at 8:50 pace the last 0.25mile to get under 12:00 for my last mile)
17:04 (walked the first 0.5mile of this for a breather)
Last 0.1 1:04

Tada! So, this bothers me a little. I feel like since I'm still so slow that I have to carve out a LONG time for me to accomplish any sort of distance. Does anyone else feel frustrated when, (no joke) Wende's boyfriend went out for a quick 1/2hour and covered 5miles while it took us girls 1:31 to travel 7.1?! Tell me some day I'll be speedy. Maybe not 5miles in 1/2hr speedy but maybe 9min/mile average speedy... I can dream.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in weeks. It was as follows:
1) Step on treadmill
2) Set incline to 0. That's right, no incline. Chickened out.
3) Run a 6mile/hr or 10minute mile (with the warm up it was 10:10)
4) Pause treadmill to "stretch" or take a one minute rest break...either way.
5) Run the second mile in 9:30 to try to get my two miles in under 20min.
6) Take a paused rest break to catch breath
7) Attempt a third mile...10:00 ish again.
8) Stop the treadmill at 29:57 having gone...wait for it...3.05 miles!!!

YAY! I know there was no incline, but I really felt like I was flying! Crazy fast. I would run at 6.0 for my "slow" then venture up to 8:00min/mile pace for a few...really no walking that I remember, maybe cause I have selective memory today for only the good stuff about my running recently.

For those of you looking for deals, you may want to check out your local Target. I found some pretty cute running tops Who doesn't need that? And, it was half that price! I found three I loved. And of course, couldn't live without.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 16


This. Isn't. Pretty.

This is why I'm slow. This is why I have no endurance. This is why I need to give myself a break. This scar probably isn't going to get any prettier. Just thought I'd show you cause I know you're curious. Weird internets people. :D

Just kidding.

But I went for a "run" today or my excuse for a run and it wasn't good. So I wasn't going to run at all today cause I'd be working 12. But our census must be low again because one minute before my alarm went off I got a call from "staffing" saying I was called off work from 7-11. Be ready to go at 11am if I don't hear from them first. Got out the door at 9:45 after majorly oversleeping and then watching the iron man I'd taped last night. Back by 10:15. 29:00 run, after the first 6 of which I had to walk. What's with me? Is it the heat? This lack of any endurance is pathetic. I know before I started running 2 years ago I wasn't an athlete. I couldn't dream of running a mile. But up until March or so of this year I thought I was in pretty good shape. Then my body started acting up and I didn't feel well until 6weeks postop. When will I start being more active? More able to hold any semblance (is that the right word? spellcheck changed it for me...) of a pace? I'm just bummed out. I feel like I try and just give up mentally before I hit the 1/2mile mark. How do you get over that initial first "few miles" or in my case minutes of a run? I know I'll feel better after I run. And I'll only regret not going for a run rather than getting out there. I need a few good runs to get me motivated again. That's all I'm asking for. Why is that so much to ask?

Enough of this. I know that I'm slow and I'm going to live with it. At least I'm moving and mobile. Right? It could always be worse.

I tried to get 6miles in on Sunday but Wende and I started at 12:15 and it was HOT. We ran the first 3 miles hard (for us) and ended up walking most of the last three. She started getting dizzy and tunnel vision, so we called it quits at 5.8. 1:26:and change.

Ran 3miles on Monday (speedwork) with Tiffany. This time we did 0.25mile sprints with 0.25miles break inbetween. And Garmie worked! I set it for an interval work out and followed along...I love that the beeps count you down to your finish. My splits were these: 2:12, (4:40), 2:06, (4:39), 2:32, (4:38), 2:18, (4:39), 2:16, (4:16), 2:09, (4:49). Boy we're consistently timed walkers. I think I may have been able to go faster if I'd known my pace. When I clicked out of the garmie's screen to see my pace it flashed my heartrate and then back to the screen where it was timing my intervals. No pace to be found. I guess that's good cause I was able to just "run normal" or naturally speedy. Ha.

Then today's run, no run on Tuesday cause I chickened out. Probably because of my string of bad luck.

On a lighter note, here's me and my adorable hubby stalking a bird at the jungle exhibit of our zoo.

This was last Wed on our anniversary.

Happy Wednesday. Time to get out of this chair and do some cleaning with my "day off".

Tuesday, September 8

So, another weekend, another 5K. :D

Go me. Eh, it keeps me motivated. This one was with Wende and her sister in law Sus. I dropped them at the beginning, sorry girls. Wende's sister in law caught up to me and beat me in the end though. I was only one minute (exactly 31:36) off my PR! I couldn't believe it. I also had fun at the end:

This 5K followed a 6.45mile training run on Sunday with Wende. We may or may not have gotten bored/tired and turned the last 3 miles into intervals. Those were fun! We did 0.25mile intervals. My splits were:


I have no idea if that's fast or not I haven't been at this "speed" thing too long. But I had fun going all out for 0.25miles. So much easier than the 1mile intervals Tiffany and I ran last Monday.

Did two runs today. Morning with Tiffany, more of a walk/jog than a run with a hard wind to run into. AP 13:00/mile...let's just not talk about that one! :D Evening quick run around the block with Ann 1.77miles. Little just to get out moving.

Hoping for a quick run tomorrow before my 3 year anniversary. I have no idea what the hubs and I are doing but I'm sure it'll be nice.

Love you honey!

Tuesday, September 1

Happy 200th post to me!

Hi all!

So...lots to report.

Saturday I had a great 5K with Ann.

It was the Ted E. Bear Hallow run, which is an organization that provides resources to grieving children. Great cause. I also donated and bought a "flag" along the route in honor of my mom. So that was a great motivator.
I actually stopped and picked it up off the side of the course on the trip back and ran with my mom the last few 100 yards. Special.

We finished in 33:36 which, if you follow me, you'll know was about 5minutes faster than our first 5K together. So yay for that. However, Garmie only counted 3.01 miles, so it may not have been "officially" a 5K. But meh, we had fun.

The post race food was awesome. The 5K was sponsored and took off from an Outback so I had Outback food at 9:15 following the race. Great way to start my morning!

Sunday we all (Tiffany, Wende, Ann and I) headed out for our first 5mile run together. Tiffany ditched us at mile 2 to go faster. Wende and I pulled away from Ann (sorry Ann) around mile 4ish just cause we wanted to try to keep going at our pace. Felt great. Walked...twice maybe? So fun. 5.22mi/1:04:58/12:26AP

Monday Tiffany and I went out for speed. We also threw in some strength during the workout which is why, I think, my left calf is sore today. But we ran 2.95mi/31:24/10:37AP - BUT that includes a 0.25mile walk to recover from the first mile. Without that...let's see...I think we did 2.70 in about 26:24 which is 9 something/mile. Anyways it was fast. Our fastest pace was 7:33 and we were flying. One of those workouts where you can't even talk...yeah.

Today I did 4miles on my own. 4.11mi/45:09/10:58AP - calves, especially left, felt super tight. I walked a lot of the up hills. I ventured further into our subdivision than I normally go and it ended up being really hilly. But I was thrilled when I managed an under 11min pace with all the walking. According to Garmie, my fastest pace was 8:39 (pretty sure that was on a downhill somewhere!) I tried to hit the "lap" button at each mile and I think my splits were:

Mile 1: 10:51 (AP 10:52 Max pace: 9:17)
Mile 2: 11:49 (AP 11:30 Max pace: 9:20)
Mile 3: 11:14 (AP 11:33 Max pace: 8:39)
Mile 4: 11:13 (AP 10:03 Max pace: 8:57)

Seriously, how did I ever live without my Garmie?! This baby rocks! It even told me calories/mile and AHR and stuff...per mile! Sweet!

Tomorrow's a 12, so I'll be back on the road Thursday for a quick 2-3miles. Hope everyone has a good middle of the week!